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With Google’s crackdown continuing on paid links and the adverse affects of the devaluation process, many sites are falling by the wayside in their ability to pass page rank (particularly the directories which are entrenched in SEO). Despite what people have boldly stated in the SEO industry in the past about not caring about page rank and how it should be abolished, many have had to eat their words as of late as their own (personal pride and joy) sites have been demoted by 2 or 3 positions in page rank.

Although that may not mean much to someone who doesn’t understand just how grueling a process it is to build it, getting your websites’ page rank over a PR5 for example, takes years in some instances, which is why the sad faces make their debut in lieu of bold claims about increasing Page Rank with text links, and other claims. designed to sell ad space

Just as many of the SEO icons are now plummeting in page rank. Seo Guy for example, an individual who inspired me to share knowledge freely, has been demoted to a PR3, yet his rankings (#8 for “SEO” in Google as well as many other high traffic terms) are still intact. I think it is safe to say that as the link audit process continues from GOOGLE, one the world’s premier search engines, many are really just losing face value (the little green bar) which is known to have a minimal impact on actual rankings.

Could this be an attempt to discourage buying links? Probably, should anyone really lose sleep over it, probably not. Just keep doing what your doing, place less subjective value on the whole page rank tool bar (if it bothers you that much just uninstall it) and focus on content. As the smack down continues, how will companies that boasted about page rank every be able to show themselves online, do visitors really care, or do they just get a chuckle that their competitor has lost points.

As the link audit continues, here are some of the latest websites, who have been hit by the update. I have heard it referenced as “the paid link smack in the face”, “The Google Paid Link Smack Down”, who knows what catchy title will catch the fancy of the masses next?  

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