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Search engine optimization is all about technique. Just like martial arts, styles make the fight. Every day is a battle in the SERPs (search engine result pages) as multiple SEO techniques duke it out behind the scenes to see who dominates the top 10.
SEO Ninja Style!

Those who use or abuse any of the techniques from this list may find themselves the recipient of the ping of death or a knock-out from search engine spiders, so beware the…

1. The high keyword density style – which made it’s debut back in the 1990’s and has been known to still exist in recessed areas of the web, safe from the top 10 and buried forever in dismal obscurity (somewhere beyond page 4 in search engines).

2. The anchor text at the bottom of the page SEO technique – used to encourage spiders and deep links. Overdo it and it’s excessive over linking.

3. The high inbound link to one page SEO technique – very popular for landing pages (one page 1000 links, yea that’s natural looking).

4. The Wikipedia attack – a behemoth with an appetite for embellishing on everyones content through a massive piggy back / content management / internal linking / I’ll take the credit and dominate the SERPs technique. Any keyword it consumes it becomes a ranking juggernaut for, and we are dumb enough to feed it (Argh!) This tactic is also seen on scraper MFA (made for adsense) sites, posturing as the original post, with a unique spin on where the links are directed (tisk, tisk, tisk, come on now, dude – write your own!).

5. The old school reciprocal link cover letter and close SEO technique – Reciprocal linking blah blah blah, if your link to me we will rule the web technique, yada, yada, yada – only to have them remove the link one week later and sap your page rank (no thanks). This SEO style may as well join technique #1 as defunct indefinitely.

6. The Social Profile Image Bait SEO technique – just add one stunning photograph, post and wait.

7. The Keyword Stuffing Pipes in the Title SEO technique – Keyword Stuffing | Even more Keywords | Even more Ridiculous Stuffing | Company | Services | City | State | Birth Date | SSN | Address | Location of First Kiss with Girlfriend , etc. you get the point so stop it already.

8. The hidden .css 1px table with 55 keywords inside SEO technique – very famous in the UK, but known for trying to migrate to the US. Also known to travel in packs with the comment spam and Google bombing technique…so beware.

9. The h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, bold, italic SEO technique – enough said…use it don’t abuse it.

and last but not least

10. The submit your site to 5000 directories and 3,500 search engines SEO technique – you may as well just put a bulls eye on your website, and wear a T-shirt that says that Google, Yahoo & MSN are a bunch of sissy’s. Forget the top 10, let’s just see how long it takes before you find your site sand-boxed somewhere in the thousands…

I almost thought about throwing in the Pay your way to the top before you get banned Paid Link technique, but that’s just plain cold blooded, as the wounds are fresh for those who were a victim of the Google Bot Sweep and Reverse Punch to the Temple as they were ejected from the index and their high flying SERP (search engine result pages) ranking days grounded by the new and improved champion of the bots.

You have to wonder how many of these SEO techniques in disguise are lurking behind your next search. With search engines suffering from so many types of abuse, they’ve been doing some secret martial arts training on their own.

Now, they are equip with the 35 chambers of Shaolin and the ping of death to banish websites’ from the index faster than they can beg for a re-inclusion request – “Poof”. So be weary, if you’re still flaunting any of the SEO Styles mentioned above, you are bound to get knocked out.

Since SEO styles make the fight, keep it clean since the bots are now armed with skills to detect, sweep and defeat such flimsy techniques from the past from common sight, or at least the search engine’s index.

Now I know I may have left a few styles out, not that I’m not calling anyone out, but you know who you are if any of these ring true.

So, what’s your style? and how can it possible defend from a solid link building, on topic, authority site augmented, aged domain with social bookmark viral marketing technique? That’s what I thought, not a chance… 

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35 thoughts on “SEO Styles Make the Fight – 10 Deadly SEO Techniques to Avoid
  1. Nice post! Now i know what NOT to do.. :-)

  2. ADAC says:

    I thought #2 was interesting. I am assuming you are referring to a site Linking to pages within it self.

    I use this on sites (that I SEO) that use flash for navigation and also to strengthen select pages within a site. Normally no more than about 10 links. I wonder how many it would take before Google takes objection to this? I have seen sites with 20-30 interior links to their site in their footer.

  3. In Reference, the internal linking tactic is still wide spread, but can be abused rather easily. Just for the record the link hierarchy denotes that links placed closer to the header or top top of the body tag have more weight and relevance. Some argue that they could be discounted, but they do serve to lead the spiders by the hand a bit and help them saturate your pages which may not be directly accessible from the navigation.

  4. Being a newbie in this field, I was surprised that most of these are what I have been doing lately. So where do I depend now, joining communities and posting good comments on nice sites like this? just a thought…

  5. pravish says:

    hi there,,,,,,
    yeah gr8 post

    The Rule is simple ” Just follow simple SEO Techniques + Google’s guidelines and use niche targeted strategies.
    Do get a peek in Google’s algorithm there is more coming in guyz,,,,,

    By SEO Pravish

  6. James says:

    I am kind of new to SEO. Thanks for the warning.

  7. Great information, I agree with everything that you talk about to what increases all the SEO efforts and also what it takes to get a site ranked high.

  8. Ken says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I like your articles a lot and I learn a lot from your postings. Thanks. One question. What do you think is the most important ranking factor for Google today :)


  9. Hi Ken:

    I would have two say it is two things. Fresh topical content that continues to expound on a topic (this builds authority) and a balance of internal and external links to the posts and the site with a variety of anchor text keywords.

  10. Totonet says:

    Nice post,Thanks for sharing you seo experiance.

  11. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for the seo techniques. Really very informative article.

  13. Hi J.Smith.
    you have written a good post.
    Te fact no 8 is very good,
    except that i have used all these facts you have mentioned here.
    I need to go through Css again.
    thanks for suggesting these techniques,we should avoid these techniques.

  14. Thanks for sharing this techniques. In addition to seo techniques that should be avoided is blog commenting with useless.

  15. Kamagra says:

    Hey these are the great seo techniques , hope will get the benefit out of it for my new website. Thank you so much for sharing

  16. Hi! I read your post about “SEO Styles Make the Fight – 10 Deadly SEO Techniques to Avoid” and found it really interesting. Thanks!

  17. Ari Manes says:

    Just wanted to know if you wanted to check out my website for either commenatary sake, or if you can recommend some seo companies that know what they are doing and are “ethical”….k much obliged!

  18. LFish says:

    Great post, it’s always a good reminder of the “dark” ways of SEO before you start getting seduced to go back to the darkness…

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