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Choosing Keywords for SEOThere is something to be said about choosing a champion or flagship page for SEO to lead the charge for your main keywords for search engine optimization.
Creating Synergy with your Content, On Page & Off Page SEO, by SEO Design Solutions.
Choosing the right keywords is paramount to achieving the proper launch velocity for your search engine optimization campaign. Internal linking, content and off page SEO must work together to create the right synergy to emulate the characteristics of algorithmic relevance.

Enclosed are various tactics you can implement that aid search engines in understanding the importance of particular phrases and semantic correlations through reinforcing internal links.

On page factors are rather straight forward, for example:

Select a flagship landing page – If you are using a content ranking strategy (using multiple pages about a subject or group of keywords over time to create impact) then select the most appropriate landing page for visitors to use as a hub.

The flagship page is the one you elect to showcase the topic and the distinction is, it has the most inbound links from other pages that have related topics. If I wanted to elevate a specific term in my site, I would use a Google search bar and enter keyword to determine how many related pages exist in the site. Each page can add pivotal weight to your optimization efforts.

This search command determines and returns the page with the most relevance on the topic (the top result). Now that you know which page is the most likely candidate (the top result for that keyword) link back to it from the other 9 pages in the top 10 with overlapping semantic variations of anchor text to emphasize relevance for the flagship page.

Ensure that your sites internal links tell a story – optimization of pages for search engines can be simplified to one simple principle for relevance, how many links are going to a page (inbound links) and how many links are leaving it (outbound links).

Search engines have a tendency to treat links from your own site (internal links) and links from other sites (external links) the same. So, it is imperative to coordinate the two to reinforce topical relevance (site synergy or site coherence) which plays a contributing role to relevance.

If you have 20 inbound links from other sites to reinforce your page, then essentially that page will have more link juice / link popularity to elevate the related content on that page. The tighter the semantic phrases are, the more concentrated the affect for elevating that particular phrase (especially if it is in your title, h1 tags, in the anchor text on the page and referenced at the first 25 words of the document, in the middle and at the end of the page).

For example, if my page is titled “Search Engine Optimization”, my h1 tag is SEO, I use the “exact match” usage of the word throughout the document, also use the phrase as an anchor to another relevant page (such as search engine optimization ) then use the tip above and link back to this page from the top 10 supporting pages with related keywords such as:

  • search engine optimization specialist
  • search engine optimization company
  • search engine optimization services
  • professional search engine optimization
  • search engine optimization consultant

This reinforces topical relevance for the phrases and identifies the target page for spiders to tag as the preferred landing page. As a result, you create the proper balance of on-page SEO factors and off-page SEO factors as well as enough inbound links from your sites internal link architecture to distinguish your flagship page in search engines.

Aside from this, another key metric to assess is how well a page is linked to the rest of the site and where it stands in the hierarchy. This method alone is well worth its weight in gold from a standpoint of sheer simplicity, however the impact of relevance that the page develops as a result is nothing short of phenomenal if augmented by quality external links to create the proper synergy of link population and link popularity over time.

This is one simple on page optimization tactic that can refine continuity so each page in your site requires less external links to gain buoyancy in the SERPs (search engine result pages). 

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