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Our passion at SEO Design Solutions is creating innovative tools and solutions for WordPress so that agencies, business owners, webmasters & entrepreneurs can rank higher and look great doing it.

Feel free to skim our archives for useful tips, tactics and strategies that lay a solid foundation for search via on-page optimization, site structure and structured markup (as the web evolves inevitably toward the semantic web).

We hope you enjoy the SEO Design Framework (our multi-purpose WordPress theme) and premium version of SEO Ultimate our All-In-One WordPress Plugin called SEO Ultimate+ that features easy-to-implement structured data including Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Schema, Rich-Snippets and Semantic Markup. 😉

We need your feedback and in return, we promise to keep developing world-class SEO and Design tools to keep your competitors on their toes.

All that we ask is that you be honest with what you like, dislike or what you’d like to see next.

Fair enough?