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What Drives Us:

Our passion at SEO Design Solutions is to create cutting-edge WordPress tools for agencies, business owners, webmasters & entrepreneurs who have the vision, where-with-all and desire to master their own SEO.

We provide tools (and training materials) that can help you ranging from web design and development e.g. the SEO Design Framework (our multipurpose WordPress Theme) and much anticipated premium version of SEO Ultimate called SEO Ultimate+ (which features structured data including Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Schema, Rich-Snippets and Semantic Markup).

Join our community today to provide valuable feedback and in return, we’ll keep making world-class SEO and Design tools for WordPress. All that we ask is that you use them and be honest with what you like, dislike or what you’d like to see next.

Fair enough?

The Backstory:

SEO Design Solutions is an SEO agency started in 2006 by a passionate inventor (Jeffrey Smith) who got his start in the mid 90’s and learned SEO as a means of survival for his first startup (which is now a prominent global product development firm).

Later, Jeffrey was able to take that expertise learned from the trenches of competition and create an SEO agency and cater to some of the largest brands providing SEO and consulting services.

Along the way, striving for repeatability and consistency they created their own toolbox based on the challenges experienced for on page optimization and design.

Hence, what is known now as SEO Ultimate and the SEO Design Framework were born. These the very same tools used by their internal teams to get ranked and rank clients in competitive online markets.

These aren’t just plugins or themes, they are part of an exclusive suite of WordPress tools (built from the ground up) developed over years and battle-tested for optimal results.

Now, you can have access to the very same tools and training tips and tactics to unleash your vision online to the masses.

What Matters Now:

Discernment to understand what is critical from what is trivial in the scope of SEO (search engine optimization) while mutually embracing design to encourage conversions.

Search engine optimization is an ever changing landscape full of two constants:
1) The prior metrics that stand the test of time grandfathered in as a baseline and

2) The constant emergence of layers (social, semantic and machine learning) algorithms and metrics that converge into new signals that further perpetuate the endless cyclical of search’s evolution.

The Bottom Line

What this all means to you is, you’ll now have easy access to the tools, SEO tactics and strategies we know work in the real world at a mere fraction of what we would have to charge you as an SEO agency.

In this way, we can reach thousands vs. hundreds of webmasters to help them achieve their goals of ranking higher and looking great while doing it.