Search Behavior & Why Ranking Above the Fold Matters

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Search behavior ranges for each individual and the level of commitment and resolve a person exhibits when they embark on a search using a search engine is unique. Although the way we search is unique, based on the keywords and phrases we use, certain elements remain intact, such as the innate desire to click the Read More

SEO 101 Crash Course with Links to our Top Secret SEO Tips

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Are you aware that at the whim of a fleeting thought and a few keystrokes, essentially anyone who has the slightest inkling to research a subject can pull up a snapshot of the trails we all leave behind? In search engine optimization (SEO), it’s not always what you see, it’s what you don’t see that Read More

Search Trends and Weathering the Storm of Fluctuations in the SERPs

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I’m sure the last thing on your mind when your conducting a search query is just how many functions are lurking behind the scenes to deliver your search result. What is certain is that millions of variables, based on thousands of hours of theory, engineering, testing and research are all orchestrated through administrative algorithms to Read More

There’s Nothing like Traffic, Traffic & More Web 2.0 Traffic.

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In a fast paced ever changing world, it appears that search engines may be losing the battle against the power of social media and it’s innate ability to drive traffic. With sites like StumbleUpon one article has the ability to deliver more traffic in one hour, than most websites get in one month. This phenomenon Read More

Advertising & Marketing Fundamentals for Identification, Courtship & Conversion

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Achieving performance and conversion has never been easier. Just think about what advertising and marketing must have been like before computers and analytics data. What took months of effort to harvest data and track conversion rates for radio, print and television advertising pale in comparison to the advantages of what online businesses can accomplish with Read More

Encourage Sales Conversion & Reader Response Through a Clear Call to Action

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Instead of fretting over achieving higher rankings in search engines or increasing website traffic, another logic suggests that your energy is better invested by encouraging conversion & reader response with a clear call to action. The first step is in the realization that, it’s not about how many hits your website receives or how many Read More

Search Engine Rankings and the Flux of Tides, Ripples & Waves.

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The cyclical tide of search engine rankings, positioning & placement Have you ever noticed that search engines like Google have a tidal cycle that ebbs, ripples and subsides? What about how some websites rise from the time they are indexed and stabilize in the top 10 or top 20 results? Or how other websites rise Read More

Successful Article Marketing Secrets

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Searching for an effective article marketing strategy that you can use to provide ample links from authority websites? Article marketing serves multiple purposes and is an ideal method for strengthening your websites’ search engine visibility. If your tired of performing SEO from a one dimensional perspective, adding article marketing to your internet marketing arsenal is Read More

SEO Design – Making the Most of Web Page Layout & Keyword Research for Rankings

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Are you aware of how a few changes to your website can improve you SEO and search engine rankings? For example, simply by understanding how spiders crawl your pages and what emphasis they place on particular types of content is imperative for ensuring: (a) that all of the information on your pages is easily accessible Read More

SEO Technology?, Web 2.0?, Seo Web Design? What’s Next?

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What constitutes the birth of one industry is oftentimes the death of another. With all of the internet buzz words flying around these days like Seo Web Design, Web 2.0, Internet Marketing, Seo Technolgy and a host of other mutant forms of traditional advertising and marketing, understanding the underlying premise is important to gauge where Read More

Search Engine Positioning The Right Way to Climb the Ladder

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Search engine positioning through SEO is imperative for gaining online visibility and website traffic. Call it ego gratification from the individual optimizing the site or simply human nature for individuals, businesses, or blogger’s to aspire to carve their name in the digital totem pole and claim their place as the hands down king or queen Read More