SEO Web Design Tips

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Making sure visitors can reach your pages, hear your message and see the connected visual cues to take action means integrating SEO, design and conversion cues simultaneously. Finding the right medium is critical to create a connection Creating visually appealing website that ranks as good as it looks is vital for your websites’ success. Today’s Read More

Web Design Trends 2010

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We are taking a break from SEO related posts today and passing the blog to one of our colleagues Mr. Jim Brody who has some great insights regarding the topic of Usability and Web Design Trends in 2010. Without further ado, enjoy the guest post… Web Design Trends 2010 The use of grid layouts into Read More

What is Superior SEO Web Design?

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What’s the use of having a website, if no one can find it? SEO web design is more than just a buzzword; it means that your website is optimized by design (architecture, tags, titles, links, sitemaps, etc.) and not trying to make up for sub-optimal inconsistencies after the fact. What is Superior SEO Web Design? Read More

SEO Web Design and Principles of Usability

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The value of SEO Web Design isn’t just about content, code and calculations; like the quantity of list anchors, the content to link ratio, W3C Compliance or the intricacies of CSS. SEO Web Design is all about creating genuine appeal to promote “the feel good factors” that facilitate true usability and user satisfaction. SEO Web Read More

SEO Web Site Architecture and Why It’s Important

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Before you start pouring money into SEO, make sure that your website has an SEO friendly site architecture at its foundation. Just like you would not add the plumbing and electrical components of a building at the last stage of construction; similarly starting with site architecture when mapping out ranking objectives is the optimal method Read More

SEO Web Design, Harnessing the Power of Alt Text and Images

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Today I would like to share an invaluable SEO web design technique to refine the focus of your pages using images and alt attributes for create relevance for SEO. SEO, Images and Alt Text Sculpting the focus of your pages translates into coherence and relevance for search engines. For example, if you have repetitive elements Read More

SEO or Design, Which is More Important?

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As an SEO company, we have the opportunity review dozens of websites a week as candidates for search engine optimization. The bottom line is, unless you want visitors to have the same reaction as the photo below, realize that you only have one chance to make a first impression. How many times have you clicked Read More

SEO Web Design Using “Click-Appeal”

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Does your site have click appeal? Let’s face it, no amount of SEO matters if you have an unattractive website. So why spend money on PPC or SEO if the content, images and theme of your pages are not designed for conversion and click appeal. Visual coherence is not entirely objective, each person has a Read More

Increase Relevance for Search Engine Spiders with Frequent Updates

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Were you aware that search engine spiders love fresh content and the more frequently you update your content the more frequently spiders traverse your site? The advantage of adding fresh content frequently directly impacts your topical site synergy. By creating islands of topical (related) information on a subject provides each page with an opportunity to Read More

SEO Design, Relevance and Appeal

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There is something to be said about keeping things simple. So, instead of going into a theory on how to increase your deep link percentage, what threshold benchmarks are the new rave of the search algorithm or break apart yet another fragment of SEO. Let’s just take one step back and look and the reason Read More

SEO Web Design, Usability and The Power of Impression!

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Have you ever visited a website and for some reason it just “felt right”, aside from not being able to distinguish why, the site simply put you at ease long enough to relinquish your intellects natural defenses and delve deeper into the content. Chances are, the emotional experience was a result of clearly defined usability Read More

Static Pages vs. Dynamic Pages, Which is Better for SEO?

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From an SEO perspective there are essentially two types of sites. Sites that change (dynamic sites) and sites that do not (static HTML pages). With each type of site a unique optimization strategy is required. As an aspect of search engine optimization (streamlining your pages for high rankings) content development is often underestimated as a Read More