Value Propositions that Convert

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Can you remember the excitement of your last purchase for something you really wanted? Almost like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa Claus, there is nothing like finding a great deal and making a purchase online. Appealing to Savvy Online Shoppers When emotion is the driving force, time disappears and the addictive side of Read More

What You Can Learn From This Commercial!

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BK (Burger King) has been crushing it lately with their hilarious commercials, but when it comes to consumers and SEO, this old steakhouse commercial sums up the consumer mindset perfectly… Remember: 1.       Most consumers know what they want (often more than you do). 2.       Don’t make them wait (or risk abandonment). 3.       Give them what Read More

Squeeze Pages and SEO

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Love them or hate them Squeeze pages make people money based on “how they sell” more than “what they are selling”… Using SEO is great (for a finely-tuned offer), but if there is no conversion objective, call to action or value, sending traffic (no matter how vast) is a moot point. How Squeeze Pages Put Read More

Click Throughs and Incentives

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Incentivising an audience to encourage click throughs and conversion is necessary regardless of the marketing channel or medium used to delivered that traffic to a website. Missed Opportunities are Unlikely with the Proper Incentives Regardless of the fulcrum used to leverage  a traffic source (SEO, SEM, Editorial Exposure, Email Marketing or Advertising); the most significant Read More

PPC Management Services or SEO?

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There are various methods to generate traffic to a website, but which is the most cost-effective solution for your business? PPC Management or SEO? Some traffic-building methods include – PPC management services (pay per click management), SEO (search engine optimization), article marketing, content creation and RSS syndication, using social media engagement, acquiring editorial links from Read More

SEO and Referrals

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Being a strong middle man is crucial to your return on Search Engine Optimization. Before embarking on an all out SEO blitz, it’s important to take a step back and analyze the semantics of the phrases you are targeting. Sure, you’ve analyzed the search volume of all the phrases that are relative to your products Read More

SEO and Big Brands…Do they ALL need it?

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Let’s say you represent a BIG brand; one that is a household name. Next, let’s say that your products or services are not e-commerce based. Want an example? Sure, let’s use Deloitte, the consulting firm specializing in tax, accounting, strategy and technology integration. SEO and Big Brands A potential customer isn’t going to use a Read More

Stop Targeting Keywords, Target Behaviors

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Regardless of whether your online marketing campaign utilizes  SEM (search engine marketing) or SEO (search engine optimization), keywords are responsible for translating intent. Stop Targeting Keywords, Target Search Behavior Instead Keywords are the words people use when trying to get a point across or more specifically find something. As such, their language is already closer Read More

SEO: Keywords Versus Conversions

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Would you take on a word class UFC champion if you just learned how to fight? What about if you’re new to football, would you take on the team that just won the super bowl? Are You Fighting the Wrong Battles? Does this marketing strategy sound practical, well-informed or remotely realistic? Hardly, so, right…. So, Read More

Keywords and Modifers: How Visitors Find Your Website!

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Let’s face it, websites do not optimize themselves and while SEO may not be rocket science, it does require tact and there are various stages and layers involved before you start ranking for substantial keywords.  This is why it’s imperative that you create a blueprint for success and use it as a schema to develop Read More

Online Marketing and Customer Retention In a Recession

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If your pockets are almost empty, reaching your existing clients with affordable online marketing can save the day! Consumers are weary, sales cycles have lengthened and you’ve already depleted the brand advertising budget. What can you do now? It times of dire straights, communicating effectively with your clients using online marketing can help you tighten Read More

Niche Sites and SEO, Do They Still Work?

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After experimenting with a few brand new keyword specific niche sites as personal SEO project for the past 90 days, the question came up, does a site really need backlinks as much as before? and if so, how many does it need to cross the tipping point?. After posting niche-specific quality content (gleaned from intensive Read More