How to Get SEO, Call to Action and Conversion on the Same Page!

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SEO is nice for popularity, but conversion is even better. So, before you go out and start snatching up more keywords than you can shake a stick at, make sure your offer is up to the challenge of enlivening customer attention and encouraging viewer retention. Otherwise, your marketing efforts will be a mere exercise in Read More

Anyone Can Pay for Traffic, but Who Can Earn it?

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As you gathered from the title, the topic of traffic (paid or organic) is the subject of today’s post. Let’s look at the pros and the cons of both SEO and SEM (search engine optimization and search engine marketing) to discuss what makes each necessary or useful for short-term or long-term implementation for your business. Read More

The Trinity of Traffic, Credibility and Conversion

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There are three things you need to be successful online – traffic, credibility and conversion. Anything else is a mere transitory step for one of these three primary prerequisites for monetary gain via commerce or affiliate marketing. The Trinity of Traffic, Credibility and Conversion Traffic : This is the prime ingredient to longevity and ROI. Read More

Wrong Market, Wrong Keywords or SEO Strategy?

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What happens if you target the wrong keywords, consumers or rely on a narrow traffic source instead of diversifying your website across multiple traffic sources? The answer, failure to grasp the true premise of internet marketing. Wrong Consumer, Wrong Keywords or Wrong Approach? Instead of confusing the impetus by using the wrong message on the Read More

SEO Marketing: Social Structure and Scalability

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From the perspective of SEO, each domain requires a different type of tact, depending on where it is in the cycle of developing authority. However, SEO is only one channel or traffic source. To transcend, you need social appeal and scalability. SEO Marketing, Authority and Scalability Nexus – Marketing Meets The Economy of Scale Keep Read More

SEO Copywriting Tips

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When we mention SEO copywriting, many business owners scramble to whip out 10 paragraphs of copy that is stuffed with 50 keywords. As many mothers across America would say, “You’re impatience will soon catch up with you.” Watering your "SEO" Tomato Plant. Well, maybe it won’t catch up with you. But, as far as SEO Read More

Converting SEO Bounce Rates to Clients

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What percentage of visitors is leaving your website because they cannot find what they want? Aside from SEO and driving traffic to a website, what happens after they arrive is even more important. Converting SEO Bounce Rates to Clients Is your sales copy disjointed, is there a clear call to action, are you speaking to Read More

SEO and the Sales Pitch

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If you’ve optimized your website, you’re probably receiving targeted traffic from search engines. You know what phrases prospects are searching with, to find your website. As we’ve said several times, however, SEO can only walk the customers through your door, it can’t make them purchase. SEO and the sales pitch…Are you sending the right message? Read More

SEO Marketing Meets Dollars and Sense

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Making money with your website is not as difficult as the gentlemen in this graphic depicts.  However, it does require that you understand the basic premise of relevance, positioning and the persona of the consumer that is intended to react to your value proposition. Does your online marketing make dollars and sense? Depending on your Read More

Using Keyword-Rich Domains and Subdomains for SEO

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What are the strategic SEO advantages of having a relevant keyword-rich domain name? Is it a temporal search engine loophole or viable long-term ranking strategy? Is Using Keyword-Rich Domains a Solid SEO Strategy? They say what is but a name, but in reality, to search engines having a keyword present in your domain name can Read More

Clicks, Keywords and Conversions

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You hear terms like clicks, keywords and conversions thrown around in SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing), but what is the bottom line? Clicks, Keywords and Conversion Impressions matter, but without clear conversion funnels or “preferred visitor paths” what leaks is consumer interest and intent. Don’t write a Nancy Drew novel or Read More

Affiliate SEO Marketing and Affiliate Landing Pages

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The lines between cause, effect and tactful causation are blurred in context to SEO and promoting products and services with affiliate marketing. The web is a conglomerate of intersecting paths driven by curiosity, purpose and intent and at the fulcrum is opportunity and conversion. Monetizing Traffic using Affiliate Marketing At the helm of search engines Read More