Google Disavow Links Tool: Declassified!

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In case you haven’t heard, Google has released a new disavow links tool allowing you to disavow (deny the existence of) any questionable backlinks. While the first thought that comes to mind is mission impossible – “if you are caught, the government will disavow your existence”. Now, it seems that webmasters have the ability to Read More

Last Call for DWS 2.6 $67 / Month Membership

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Newsflash! Domain web Studio – The market-devouring suite of tools from Themezoom is about to raise their price indefinitely for monthly subscriptions. This isn’t some boilerplate, flash in the pan tool, there is nothing like DWS 2.6, period. You may have seen previous updates from us here as SDS about this suite of cutting-edge tools Read More

Google Updates PageRank on the Heels of Panda 2.2

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On the heels of the Panda 2.2 a document classifier (digital quality rater) machine learning algorithm, Google unleashed a long-overdue PageRank update to shake up the web as we know it for SEO’s and webmasters alike. Google PageRank Update While this event may not carry significance for non-SEO types, for affiliates, webmasters or internet marketers Read More

Google Now Supports rel=”Canonical” Http Headers

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Google recently announced a breakthrough for webmasters regarding the use of Canonical Http Headers. While this may not mean much to most, this is going to quell duplicity ( the woes of duplicate content) in large websites with one simple meta command instead of having to resort to drastic measures such as using 301 redirects Read More

Domain Web Studio 3.0: SEO Tools for SERIOUS Online Marketing!

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Warning: If you currently provide SEO or SEM services, use PPC or Affiliate Marketing for your website(s), consider yourself “put on notice” that the market-devouring collaboration between Theme Zoom and DomainWeb Studio’s DWS 3.0 is coming. When it arrives, let’s just say the evolution of keyword research, push-button optimized site architecture and SEO as we Read More

Walmart Challenges Amazon with Free Shipping on 60,000 Items

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Affiliates, here is an interesting tidbit of breaking news gleaned from MSNBC that can put money in your pockets.  WalMart is making a push to woo online shoppers this season by offering FREE shipping on over 60,000 items. WalMart Challenges Amazon with Free Shipping As value-conscious consumers turned super-savvy online shoppers now stay home and Read More

FREE Ebook from SEO Design Solutions

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SEO Design Solutions™ the creators of the SEO Ultimate WordPress All-in-one Plugin are proud to announce the release of their first Ebook showcasing 20 SEO tips to optimize your website in search engines. Download your FREE Ebook Today! Unlike generic tips and tactics, these are real do-it-yourself insights you can really sink your teeth into Read More

Google Instant – Instant Real-Time Search Results

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For those of you who didn’t catch the buzz, Google is rolling out another revolutionary contribution to search called “Google Instant”. To summarize, just think real-time search results that refresh as you type – “without you having to click search”. Google Instant Meets Google Caffeine! This new upgrade allows you to shave seconds off your Read More

Google Acquires Visual Search Engine

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In another vertical approach to scaling the web, Google confirmed their purchase of here on the Google Operating System Blog earlier today. Coupled with the visual search functionality presents, if /when they apply this platform on a large scale, Google stands to benefit from scaling this feature set into a variety of potential Read More

Yahoo Now Showing Bing Search Results!

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On the herald of this monumental day, you are either skimming your analytics in shock (from traffic missing in action) or celebrating in praise (from new found keywords) making their debut  as the ripples of the information retrieval infrastructure get swapped out from Yahoo’s algorithm to Microsoft’s Bing search technology. Yahoo Now Shows Bing Search Read More

Google Alerts Updates from “Web Types” to “Everything Types”

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With the web reeling from the most recent Google Caffeine Infrastructure update, Google has revealed yet another step forward  in how they process Google Alerts and Universal Search. Google Alerts Now Embrace Blended Search Blended search is here to stay and as an indicator of the power of diversity, Google has decided to update the Read More

Will Google Real Time Search Eclipse The Static Web?

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With information flying around the web at breakneck speeds, Google has once again added a new layer of information retrieval and data aggregation with real-time search to the traditional search engine environment. To say that SEO just got more interesting is an understatement as social media climbs a peg higher on the totem pole of Read More