10 Ways to Increase Link Bait Conversion – For Free

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So: you’ve come up with some great content that you think has link bait potential. You’ve targeted your keywords to maximize your chances of getting rich anchor text. You’ve submitted it to the usual suspects of the social web – Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc. You’ve informed your Twitter followers. Link Bait Not Working, Try These Read More

SEO and (UGC) User Generated Content

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For the implementation of SEO, Search engines like themed, structured topical data with a logical and intuitive navigation and site architecture. The downside many webmasters face is not having enough topical content to tip the scales in their favor. User Generated Content This problem can be solved from user generated content (allowing the members to Read More

Social Media: How Big Is Your Posse?

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With social media hording eyeballs in the thousands capable of sending a barrage of traffic on a whim, marketers, business owners and individuals alike are all trying to get their two-cents in and cast a line to lure significant traffic to their website. How Big Is Your Posse? Whether that traffic converts or not is Read More

Using Blogs for SEO: RSS and Internal Links

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Many businesses wonder, what is the purpose of having a blog? Depending on your stance and marketing objective, blogs (short for web logs) are great open source tools (known as content management systems) that if wielded properly can be instrumental to SEO and organic search engine positioning. Blogs implement topical pooling of link flow through Read More

Content and Conversion: Don’t Miss The Boat With New Visitors

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Don’t “miss the boat” when it comes to new visitors and increasing website traffic. The competition is fierce for attention and user engagement, and you only have one chance to make a first impression. Each person online has a unique way they move about the web with a plethora of digital options. Some surf for Read More

Reputation Management and Defending Your Brand

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As a business becomes more successful, the opportunity for having your reputation tarnished as a result of negative press increases. Exposure from a successful advertising or marketing campaign on one hand may breed market share and brand awareness for consumers, yet on the other hand, it may also breed jealousy and envy from the competition. Read More

Defining your Niche – Long articles vs. Short Blog Posts, Which is Better?

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Is your blog hitting the mark and satisfying the needs of your visitors?, or are you putting prospects to sleep before they ever reach your value proposition? As you know, there are multiple facets of traffic that flow distinctly throughout the web (search engines, high-traffic authority sites, directories, social media) but not all traffic is Read More

Catchy Titles, Social Media Stampedes and Content that Converts

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Is Your Content Sticky Enough? For those of us who are new to social media, creating a server-taxing social media traffic stampede could be triggered merely by a catchy title alone. Attention is the new commodity online and if you expect visitors to just fork it over, without being entertainment or fulfilled in exchange, think Read More