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Link Juice Travels FastThe world wide web is just that, world wide and more than anything, sometimes thinking local and acting global can be the key to unlocking hordes of authority links that you may not have even considered.
Link Juice Travels Fast - By SEO Design Solutions.
Just like Google and Yahoo are a veritable global consortium, their vast networks and reach span from sea to shining sea, deserts, mountain terrain and just about every other form of geography imaginable, but what is the advantage to you?

The ability to go global when looking for link building opportunities. You can enhance your local search engine optimization efforts (in this instance meaning in your country) by building links from sources overseas.

Even though you may not have set foot out of the country, chances are some digital footprint is skimming your content or appreciating some facet of your work that you may have introduced through the web via the butterfly effect.

As a result of strategically utilizing blogs, RSS feeds and other international services that we mirror in the US for example, can contribute to a mutually rewarding quantity of high powered anchor text / authority back links that we might have otherwise neglected to consider as a result of a national vs. international link building strategy.

Media is international, so if you have to think about where to get an authority link, what safer place than internationally. Whereas a national company from the same industry has more to lose, essentially by augmenting the profile of a potential competitor. Global communication and international market positioning can make what would be a competitor into an ally.

An international firm with well established credentials such as a high page rank, thousands of relevant backlinks from the same (remote) industry however can provide a win / win linking opportunity. They say you have to link outside the box, so in this case, just take all that you know about link building, and change the focus on international media. International search engine optimization can include using directories, articles, social media, link baiting (which may be a bit more unique as a result of cultural distinctions), press releases (through multi-lingual companies that provide such services) but the gist is the same. Authority links accrue higher search engine placement.

So pack your bags (your content) and get your jet set mentality primed and ready, it’s time to travel abroad without even leaving your workstation. Since the infrastructure is already in place, you can act local and receive the benefits of global positioning via RSS and links to increase the bottom line, gain an international reputation and bolster your stateside presence in the meantime.

Not sure if this strategy really works? Here is an example of how International links and global link building can impact positioning for your business. We currently hold a #3 position for the term SEO “one of the most competitive one word phrases in the world” in an international search engine for SEO Design Solutions (via Altavista UK). So what are you waiting for, it’s time to build some links and extend your business into international territories if you haven’t started already 

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4 thoughts on “Link Juice Travels Fast – Using Global Communication to Build Links!
  1. Danny says:

    Do I have an international RSS feed? If I don’t, would you recommend one?

  2. Will do some looking around for you Danny and will create a follow up post with some nice RSS directories.

  3. Danny says:

    It seems like your out of the box thinking is actually intuitive in terms of what may happen in the near future. That’s a gift. That is why I read your blogs religiously. It’s one of the three big reasons I’m a customer.
    The second reason is that you are a good egg, meaning I find trust and honesty to be one of your great assets.

    Needless to say, the third reason is that I get results like crazy.

    I’ll look forward to that article.


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