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In the VIPWant to rank like a Search Engine V.I.P? Then you need to dress up your content and link popularity to get your name on the (Top 10) list.
Are You a Search Engine VIP, By SEO Design Solutions
Although quality, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. Search engines are algorithmic and only do as they are told to maintain the quality of the search index.

To accomplish this they utilize a plethora of methods to scrutinize and ascertain if your content gets V.I.P access to the top 10, or joins the wannabes at the back of the line.

So, how can your pages get V.I.P treatment and forgo the formalities of being corralled into the less favorable category of ordinary results?

By applying solid fundamentals that collectively have the right ingredients to impress human visitors and satisfy the needs of algorithms (which have an eye for style & relevance that rivals the fashion industries now you’re hot and now you’re not) snap judgments.

When in Doubt Take a Hint from the Top

You can pay per click to skip the bouncer or use organic SEO to make a lasting impression. Organic SEO however, is a strategy better planned as R.S.V.P (as the originating concept in the site design) rather than as a make-over afterthought. Starting over and sacrificing mediocre rankings and ranking like a rock star is not always a bad idea, sometimes a new domain name and some fresh content is all it takes to get a fresh start.

Not to state that a website cannot be salvaged or streamlined as a result of optimization, the ideal scenario would be to start with a goal in mind and then implement the necessary stages to fulfill the objective.

If your looking for a benchmark, try surveying the current TOP 10 Search Engine VIP’s that hold the coveted position for the main traffic-bearing two and three word phrases in your niche. After assessing the top 3 sites, you can dig up enough traces of links and keyword dirt to implement your own competitive keyword research, custom content creation and a solid link building campaign to hit the SERPs (search engine result pages) running.

There is a reason why leaders lead and are ranking at the helm of millions of competing pages, and through implementing a stint of competitive research, within minutes a trained eye can essentially determine which ranking strategy (or combinations of strategies they used or are using to compete).

Examples such as;

a) a content ranking strategy (thousands of interwoven product pages, or themed information to reinforce the brand).

b) strong internal links (internal links have a profound affect on rankings and have the ability to defend against other pages or sites simply pushing your pages aside in the Search Engine Result Pages).

c) sculpting or molding page rank for link osmosis through elevating relevance for the internal pages by way of strategic interlinking.

d) A wide array of external links from multiple sources (although a bit more labor intensive, everything ethical, leaves a trail) and can provide insight to particulars of this realm of influence.

e) Domain name contains main keywords (a quick way to jump in line) as well as optimize related terms with a fraction of the effort.

f) Website authority as a result of links and pages aging and gaining their own online reputation via back links. In a less competitive industry or niche, older pages typically rank higher with the least amount of effort (they are grandfathered into the search results).

After you observe the strategy they utilize, it’s all about making your first move to close in on their rankings. But before you do, putting your priorities in good order are an absolute must.

1) Use a programming language and page structure that is easy to crawl, if you use a content management system, make sure you use keyword rich category names. Use site maps, tag your content appropriately and build deep links to your sub folders as well as older pages in your site.

2) Approach each page like a piece of the puzzle, if your site is about real estate then have pages about how to assess property value, the best way to lease a new property or other topically related categories to add substance to your entire site. If your site is about computer programming, then have segments on C+, .php, ruby on rails, etc. The key here is collective relevance.

3) Make sure to add content on a regular basis to toggle spiders and stay in the limelight. Just like the squeaky wheel gets the oil, the site that produces quality content on a regular basis can out rank an older less competitive site, who may be resting on their laurels.

These fundamentals deserve an in-depth breakout of what is required to execute a collaborated game plan. The point that remains is not to take a cursory view towards any of these consolidated points, but rather see each for what it is, a solid foundation that can serve as a premise for building a popular, highly trafficked website as a result of careful planning and execution.

We will revisit these stages in more detail throughout the week to provide concrete examples of each of these ranking strategies and tips you can use to implement them. Make sure to check back for the breakout this week on Ranking Like an SEO VIP at the SEO Design Solutions Blog.  

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