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Surviving in the SERPsThere is something about using distinct visual analogies to illustrate parallels between search engines (the jungle), traffic (information foragers), competition (predators) and survival in the algorithmic food chain.
Survival in the SERPs - Surveying, Scouting & Defense, by SEO Design Solutions.
Just like a jungle, survival in the SERPs (search engine results pages) can be tricky. The uncertainty of search engine algorithms, the survival based impulses that by default comprise 97% of the web pages at large (like playing capture the flag) or a boobie-trap where one step on the wrong twig and you could be consumed, penalized, suppressed, catapulted or removed from the top 10 based on your SEO survival skills, your resourcefulness or your experience in the jungle.

They say getting there is half the battle, in the search engine result pages, the same holds true. The three critical areas of an optimization campaign are; Research & Identification, Scouting and Reconnaissance & Acquisition and Defense.

1) Research & Identification – surveying the terrain and tailoring the site or pages to represent your best interests in the SERPS. Things like mastering your environment (your industry or niche) and adapting to the requirements allows you to flourish as a result of nurturing the appropriate elements. In this instance, fresh content, relevant information and a compelling writing style that incites action are one of the key ingredients to survival and authority.

2) Scouting and Reconnaissance – Finding which content has the greatest impact. The primary objective of content is to be fruitful, multiply (it’s exposure that is) and act as a guide back to the base for those foraging information in the jungle (clicking search results or following a link back to your site). While some may think of this as link bait, in reality it is branding and saturation of your niche with carefully crafted intricately woven pieces of information that reinforce a particular theme of thought. The more specialized the content, the higher the elevation on can achieve in social, peer and practical circles.

3) Acquisition and Defense – You can use a wide variety of methods to acquire a high ranking search engine position, a few that are worth noting such as (a) a massive content management strategy (b) a high utilization of deep links from authority sites developed strategically over time (c) a combination of internal link architecture and aging domain and pivotal use of web 2.0 properties to build traffic and visibility for your content. Regardless of which strategy or combination of strategies you use, maintaining a healthy shelf life in the SERPs is the key. Which means that once you make it to the top, you have to keep feeding your pages a healthy dose of link juice to keep them floating in the top 20 and top 10 respective positions as relevant conclusions for those seeking information on your subject.

The Importance of SEO Defense

During the first phase a site is most vulnerable, and often times without the proper assessment, you may give up right before achieving keyword nirvana and placing the cherry on top of your keyword quest.

With so many potential factors that can influence a favorable outcome in search engines, the more pages, i.e. opportunities you have surrounding a topic, the higher the probability that your target audience will act on it.

As part of a winning content management strategy, administering a diverse range of topical information does more than just blanket a market with link-bait. For example, when you create a post the idea is (1) it should be written to serve a need (2) it should be appealing enough to create an initial buzz as well as survive in the SERPs over time.

As long as you cover your bases, and eventually invoke link insurance (build links to your links to augment positioning) you are creating a dynamic form of equity that can provide sustenance to your business model (and essentially survive the challenges of the SERPs).  

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