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What is the real value of aged pages in a website and what SEO value do they pose to present tense endeavors? Legacy pages have the ability to leverage current search engine result pages in a number of ways.

Leveraging Aged Content for Present-Tense SEO

Initially, pages and posts can be re-purposed i.e. redesigned to embrace new offers, new links, or used in tandem with new landing pages to create double rankings, or serve as hub pages (in the grand scheme of things).

In the spirit of encouraging deeper discovery and sharing gems from the past, the following posts can provide additional insights on the value of legacy content and some of the things you can do with it to enhance your existing SEO.

and one of my favorite posts, SEO Cause and Effect Who is Pulling the Strings covers the legacy content tactics in point #5, but there are other gems worth reading inside to round off your robust SEO efforts.

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    Points out why a website is NEVER done. As soon as you think it is, it’s time to start over.

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