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SEO Web Design - Design with Form, Function and Appeal by SEO Design Solutions.
So much for the “veil of silence” that most SEO’s swore when they took the oath of secrecy to not divulge the innermost secrets of search engine placement (just kidding). We figured your going to find out sooner or later anyway, so we may as well spill the beans before these techniques become obsolete. First an outline on the fundamentals for producing a top 10 ranking and then examples of tactics that you can use in order to acquire them.

SEO Web Design The Basics

What does it take to create a top 10 ranking. Aside from the obvious thousands of articles that talk about things like meta tags (which most search engines do not even use), I would like to propose a few actual methods or techniques that work well in tandem to the other. Just remember, the next time you work on your site, to remember who gave you these tips and to go easy on using them against us, if you happen to be optimizing say anything with the term SEO in it.

1. Inherent SEO from the domain name – A website with the keywords in the URL that combine link building using the same keywords. Almost a guaranteed winner, so not only on page factors can affect rankings, purchasing the right domain name can save you thousands of dollars and hours of optimization time. One keyword is better than none, but if you must you can always add one other qualifier (company, services, expert, professional) to the domain name without digressing from your main message or brand.

SEO Web Design Tip#1: Get a name with your main keywords and start link building to give it a boost, or if you have an existing site consider a 301 redirect, move your old site to the new hosting plan / new name and enjoy the boost in the SERPs after the 301 updates your site (2-3 months). During the transition, build content and links.

2. All in anchor dominance – A Strong allinanchor:[keyword] with a tactful use of the title, description and on page content.

Oftentimes you will note that the highest ranking sites for a particular keyword only have that word in the description or on the page one time (such as in the h1 tag). The two methods I am aware of that can produce this are (a) link building or (b) website authority. For example, if you have a top 10 allinanchor: ranking for one of the keywords, when you combine this with any other keyword your site should be hovering in the the top 15 to top 20 results. Then if your on page factors don’t trip any keyword density filters and your links are from authority sources you can crack the top 10 for multiple vertical keywords as well.

SEO Web Design Tip#2: Think of SEO like rungs of a ladder, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Start building links with 3 words in exact match form (SEO Web Design, SEO Marketing Services, etc.), when you rank consistently for those terms then start building links using two word terms (SEO Design, SEO Marketing, etc).

3. A Themed Website – sites broken into categories and site maps inside of each sub folder. This siloing affect has tremendous implications after all is said and done and typically ends up with a plethora of indexed pages which eventually get the one box description in search engines as a reward.

The One box is when you type in a query and the resulting site has so many top 10 rankings that they are consolidated into their own miniature masthead (map and address) and multiple links to various areas of their site. Strangely enough, a blog configured properly has the ability to emulate this intricate process, which is another great reason to use a blog for your site or on your site. The categories serve as the sub folders and the posts with rich keyword titles are excellent link bait since the naming conventions are actual search terms (hint hint).

SEO Web Design Tip#3: Simply install a blog on a subdirectory to give your whole site a fresh start or if you are starting from scratch build your site with the most common search terms in mind and create a folder for /services/ add 5 pages (link each page to the homepage and the next category. You can also augment your keyword-rich URL and keyword rich naming conventions for your pages using the – to connect words /company/search-engine-optimization.html for example.

4. Strong internal links – Don’t leave your pages out to dry by using outdated javascript menus, you can at least spice things up a bit with SEO friendly DHTML menus from OpenCube, they are crawler friendly and are pure css which can be ported off line through a simple link command like a style sheet to cut down on code bloat. Otherwise, get busy and use text links to link sub pages to the main folders or create breadcrumbs (like blogs do) to the next post or last post to strengthen your websites internal links.

If you starve your pages, they will either go supplemental, fail to add value and potentially tank the great pages on your site or you could tactfully use this method to have them percolate and use them later as all stars for the keywords that comprise the title of the page (check out SEO tip #3 in this post).

SEO Web Design Tip#4: Go back to your pages that haven’t been indexed in a while, remove any verbose text and look at the amount of outbound links it has. If the page has more than 30 links leaving the page, consider which links are essential and pertinent to the page, then eliminate the ones you do not need.

Then, with the links that remain (after the audit), make sure that they are using keyword-rich text to send traffic to related pages with the keywords (example of optimized SEO link) which just so happens to go to a page about link building “Hmmmm” by design or coincidence, it is entirely up to you, so take control of how you spread the links in your site. Typically the fewer the better on the page, that way each one is more concentrated.

5. XML Site & ROR site maps – Hey, the internet is a big place, no one said that spiders were not direction retarded, help them out by posting an XML or ROR sitemap in every subdirectory (aka folder) in your websites architecture. We all need a little help from time to time, befriend them and they will get the word out for your pages.

SEO Web Design Tip#5: Don’t assume, you either know, or you don’t know. If all of your pages are not indexed by now, then help the spiders find your pages internally through a link audit or site map, or you can take the external link bait route and get some link juice from a high powered authority website with a fresh link to your pages through deep linking (link directly to the page, not the homepage). This will bring the bots to your site like the Duo of Shaggy and Scooby Doo with the munchies to feast on the new changes you just made with your new and improved SEO Web Design Strategies. 

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