SEO, Subdomains, Site Architecture and Sitemaps

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Today, (with slight hesitation in fear of giving away too much) I am electing to share an effective SEO method which incorporates the use of sitemaps, subdomains and site architecture. As a result, you will have the capacity to develop robust websites with colossal proportions using a coherent site and link architecture to virtually zero Read More

The Power of SEO Friendly Titles

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The value of a great title for SEO purposes is invaluable. The title is the first thing a search engine sees to determine (what is this page about) and how does it relate to the sites theme and the keywords contained within the page. Be Specific A diffused title does not provide clarity for the Read More

Website Analysis: SEO Starts with a Thorough Analysis

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SEO starts with a thorough analysis of the website to conclude which aspects of your site need optimization. Why let coding errors or poor site architecture impact rankings for the worse? With search engine algorithms changing daily, there are no guarantees that the immunity you have today (from a favorable pat on the back) will Read More

How to Increase Relevance using Consistent Naming Conventions

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If you ever wondered how to optimize your on page factors to create relevance for your content, this tutorial highlights a few SEO techniques for using consistent naming conventions, tags, site architecture and links to enhance continuity. 1) Start with a flat site architecture using the root folder and build your main pages as the Read More