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There is nothing like the synergy created as a result of brand loyalty between a user-centered-company that fulfills a genuine need for their target audience.
Brand Loyalty and End Users Have the Power to Impact Brands, by SEO Design Solutions.
In the past advertising agencies were the gurus of marketing who had the role of identifying the pulse of the masses, but now, with so many exciting mediums to engage a market (social media marketing, targeted online campaigns, organic and sponsored advertising), the end-user and audience have both evolved.

Traditional industries waiver in the wake of savvy internet marketing which now has the opportunity to step up and provide cost-effective advertising alternatives in place of traditional branding or marketing tactics. Not only has this taken up the slack in waning consumer awareness using off-line marketing, now more than ever, it is about satisfying end-users and culturing relationships that foster long-term brand loyalty

Similarly, a metamorphosis is occurring that is closing the gap between manufacturers and end users as the middleman’s value has been diminished as internet marketing encroaches on traditional marketing channels (giving the users what they want, when they want it).

The ability to perform multivariate testing on a shoestring budget or take polls to directly gain feedback from end-users at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional tactics allows product and service providers to economically scale the next evolution of a product or refine the criteria for implementing a new product launch at a fraction of the risk. This feedback loop may have existed in the past, but never to the degree that it does today.

Understanding the needs of your audience directly translates to how effectively your company fares in providing a pivotal product or fulfilling a service in the marketplace. For every service imaginable, there are innumerable companies who offer similar products or functions. However, those who distinguish themselves by offering that “extra something” that reinforces the core elements of creativity, leadership, execution or excellence are the companies poised to stand out from the “me too” crowd that have complacently become the norm in most industries.

Similarly, brands that evolve to embrace new trends in technology and consumer behavior have grasped the new paradigm of business. Nurturing the basis of client / agency or mfg. / client relationships is the underlying formula for mastering the spicket of supply and demand. To say that business goes where it is most welcome is an understatement, likewise consumer loyalty can be swayed by something revolutionary in form, function or design. The job of the provider is to discover the right emotional triggers and provide value (more so than their competition).

Perceived value in assessing the benefits of a brand is an inherent aspect of our personalities as human beings, passion alone cannot replace expertise in the marketplace (just ask the yellow pages). Radical shifts in business and the competitive arenas we engage require equally distinct solutions to find the stability to weather the hills and valleys of enterprise. Client satisfaction of the end user is ultimately the pentacle that gauges how a new business model can flourish or an existing product can be re-branded in a new light.

The tendencies of a fickle audience market must be addressed through anchoring logical and emotional systemic conditioning (branding). Through the medium of consolidating benefits with common interest, relevance is acquired. Although necessity may be the mother of invention, solutions to market acceptance need to be tested for their ability to sway the masses, which is why it is important to understand the importance of the relationship.

Often it is through viral education that branding takes the form of emotional engagement, such as the Apple IPhone and its simplistic interface to create a refreshing new plateau for others to aspire toward. Radical new shifts in the market require equally as radical viral marketing methods to gain market acceptance. There is nothing like the perfect product to fulfill the perfect problem, if marketed properly. But similarly understanding the demographic for your product or service (more so than your competition) and finding new ways to appeal to their core value / emotional triggers will define the success stories of tomorrow. 

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