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In another vertical approach to scaling the web, Google confirmed their purchase of here on the Google Operating System Blog earlier today.

Coupled with the visual search functionality presents, if /when they apply this platform on a large scale, Google stands to benefit from scaling this feature set into a variety of potential commercial features.

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Here is a video from the SEO Design Solutions Blog archives, when we selected for an SEO case study to reverse engineering and assessing the strength of a competitor’s website using SEMRush, Xenu Link Sleuth and other data mining SEO Tools.

Although the context differs from the topic of the acquisition, the takeaway here is Google gained a significant specimen to dissect, as is also an e commerce ranking juggernaut (with thousands of products, brands and rankings) using its sheer volume and on page prowess to devour markets one product at a time. traffic graph

over 90,000 keywords driving over 1MM Unique Visitors Per Month

It is strategies like this that shake the very foundation of the web. Google gets a powerful aged/authoritative  e commerce, visual search technology and a super affiliate publishing platform all-in-one.

One acquisition now (in the hands of the most powerful online company ever created – Google) could represent life-changing implications later through the trickle down effect,  (much like which is now the #2 search engine with over 2 billion impressions being served daily) due to the viral appeal and dynamic scalability Google can infuse.

Personally, I like like, but who knows what it will look like or what features will be borrowed, re-purposed or how this acquisition could change search as we know it. 

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  1. jo says:

    the link above does not work. (think it has a space in)

  2. John says:

    Seems Google will buy/acquire just about each and everything that has slightest potential to pose a challenge to its hegemony in the search industry – sans BING.

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