How to Optimize New Web Pages

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As of late, there has been an alarming number of monkey see, monkey do blogs that mimic each other like parrots in regard to SEO without providing any true merit or content to the visitor. Either though lack of thoughtful planning or fear of losing the interest of the reader, I have observed that they Read More

Why Pay Per Click when Visitors Click Anyway

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What are the benefits of PPC vs. organic long tail optimization? With PPC marketing budgets soaring into the 6 figure range for corporations throughout the US, What are the true benefits of using pay per click marketing as opposed to organic search engine optimization services? First of all I should state, there is a heated Read More

SEO Alone is Not Enough

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SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization is a practice which involves streamlining the structure, contents and composition of your web pages to include signifying elements that search engines identify as relevant. Numerous tactics and methods are capable of delivering high ranking search engine placement, some more ethical than others, but just securing a position Read More

SEO Web Design the Basics

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It takes more than wishful thinking in order to land one of your pages in the top 10 of Google, but once you understand the criteria of what is involved, you can increase the likelihood for each of your pages if you start with the goal in mind. Rankings are based on algorithms, therefore if Read More

Official Seo Design Solutions Blog

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For those of you who may have seen our pages sprinkled throughout the SERP’s in Google, Yahoo or MSN and their respective affiliates, we are proud to finally announce the launch of the official Seo Design Solutions blog. Check back frequently as we contribute unique content with a fresh new perspective on search engine optimization, Read More