Titles and Tagging for SEO, Conversion & Relevance

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With search engine queries, link baiting, viral marketing and social media networks, curious surfers have a million and one ways to find or be found online. Titles and tagging are the new SEO, and keeping it short, sweet & relevant not only ensures that the right people find your content, but also they search engines Read More

Are you “Google Sighted” or Can You See the Big Picture of Search?

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A great deal can be said about not putting your eggs in one basket. Not that we all haven’t heard it all before though. But at the root of this message lies a fundamental wisdom that cannot be denied. Particularly in regard to search engine optimization.

SEO Target Marketing

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SEO Target Marketing and Finding Your Niche! It is important to find your target audience and cater to those prospects who have the greatest need or affinity with your products or services. Just like a bustling city, the online experience offers similar ways to be entertained. Just like you may encounter street entertainers performing feats Read More

Search Engine Optimization Using Content, Design, Links & Promotion

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Many of you may be wondering, what is it that search engines look for in a good design? Why is it, for example that some websites rise to the top of the SERPs (search engine result pages) like a Zeppelin and others fail to impress the bots and sink like stones? The answers are all Read More

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Rankings

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There’s nothing like that top 10 feeling! Every day, millions of individuals and businesses alike are striving for ranking in the top 10 organic search results in Google, Yahoo & MSN. You know what I mean by that feeling that one receives when conducting a search for a relative term in their industry and “presto Read More

Fluid Rankings & Giving Search Engines What they Want!

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If you optimize websites or are in the process of doing so, there is something you should be aware of. Just because your website is in a particular position today does not mean that your sites rankings are stuck in that position. Rankings have the ability to move up or down based on the on-page Read More

Spying on Your Competition through Competitive Research Analysis

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So what’s with all this talk about spying on your competition through competitive research analysis? Before continuing, do you really have to ask if it is ethical to spy on your competition? Or is it just modified market research? After all, everything that one does to bolster rankings online leaves a trail right?, So who Read More

Link Building, Marketing & Promotion

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It’s not just one facet of search engine optimization that creates a top 10 ranking for a website, it’s a combination of dozens of factors that affect the relative outcome and ranking of a website. How each element cultivates and culminates is directly responsible for your website taking on the persona of authoritative stature or Read More

Link Audit? the Google Page Rank Plummet Continues

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With Google’s crackdown continuing on paid links and the adverse affects of the devaluation process, many sites are falling by the wayside in their ability to pass page rank (particularly the directories which are entrenched in SEO). Despite what people have boldly stated in the SEO industry in the past about not caring about page Read More

Search Engine Optimization Solutions

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In the past, you could simply pay for link popularity with directories. Now, times have changed and many of the main search engines are nixing this type of behavior as a legitimate source of qualified referrals. In essence having search engine optimization solutions is more important than just appearing as a legend in your own Read More