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Top 50 traffic referrals for SEOTalk about a belated Christmas gift. It turns out that Seo Design Solutions made the top 50 websites for traffic from the keyword SEO according to

Top 50 referrals from Search Engines for the Phrase Search Engine Optimization and SEO
You’ve got to love Google Blog Search. A great service that has the ability to set up alerts and monitor any time someone so much as mentions your business name, your keywords, or anything remotely related to areas of interest “as it happens”.

This report was found as a result of alerts set for our company and appears that someone was conducting a healthy round of competitive research on websites that receive the most traffic from the term SEO and Search Engine Optimization.

I knew our team has been busy building links and promoting our site for the past year pretty steady, but what I did not know was that our company made the Top 50 landing right next to SEO by the SEA (another personal favorite) for websites in the upper echelon of search that receive the most referrals from search engines from the term SEO.

You can read the full post from blogscoped but in the meantime, the crew and I are going to celebrate this monumental occasion with a few bottles of bubbly. I wish you all the best and hope 2007 brought you many happy moments and fulfilled all of your innermost wishes.

Happy New Year from Seo Design Solutions and all the best in 2008.

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Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Susan O'Dea says:

    Congratulations! I’d vote you number one!

  2. Your too kind Susan, thank you.

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    help me to get at least 50 visitors to my website please

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