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Blended SearchRegardless of what you call it (Blended Search, 3D search, Video Optimization, Press Release Optimization, Social Media Optimization) the fact is, it is here, but are you ready?
Blended Search is Here - Are Your Pages Optimized Yet?, by SEO Design Solutions.

As search engines continually evolve through feedback, algorithmic alterations, blended search and additional filters have changed the rules to prevent foul activities from exploiting known vulnerabilities, similarly, the face of SEO must likewise evolve.

Now more than ever, one dimensional strategies that rely too heavily on one method or another are far too easily unraveled when tested under fire. One thing is certain, change is imminent, but as the engineers attempt to simplify search by integrating a plethora of variables in order to satisfy a larger and more savvy audience (video, maps, audio files, news), these aspects will play into the favor of those who can embrace the new depth of the technology and likewise extend their own businesses synthesis of online content, media and syndicated exposure.

Add an additional heightened sense of competitiveness for keyword acquisition and you will note an entirely new landscape full of challenges which must be assessed, understood and anticipated in order to garner a sustainable degree of success.

One example of a basic Blended Search Optimization Strategy

The fact of the matter is, by approaching blended search with the understanding that you can augment your positioning through extending your range such as hiring a video production company, shooting a few videos, tutorials or pieces that can be tagged and labeled with competitive keywords, write a press release to launch the videos and write a blog about about it (all three when combined) are an ideal use of blended search optimization and can yield a favorable influx of fresh visitors to your site.

In closing, when looking for sources to build links, thinking and linking outside the box is the key. Without going into another how to post, here are some link building posts from the past that are worth revisiting if you insist on going old school.

But even as those methods work in the present tense, every thing in search must either pivot on a solid foundation or scroll off into obscurity as search criteria evolve, so the best you can do is try to stay on the vanguard as new mediums emerge.

Here are some fundamentals of search that you can use as a great foundation that continue to provide value to blended search results:

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