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Natural links are the best, but when you don’t have years to sit and wait for organic search engine authority to develop on behalf of your website, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

There is a quandary about link age and authority and if links have the ability to pass link ranking power (aka juice). Aside from that, it boils down to the variety of links you build and for what purpose.

At the end of the day a link is nothing more than another way to find your website, increase them and you systematically increase the likelihood of someone who is searching for a related topic to find you.

Without knowing essentially what the exact frame of mind of the types of people searching for your product or service, you have to create an optimized landscape of the vocabulary that one might use when conducting a query, from there you use analytics data to see where you get the most traffic. But most importantly, where you get the most traffic that converts.

So remember, it’s not always about the page rank of the page you link from, naturally the neighborhood is important, but rather seeking out various sources of links for specific purposes.

Such as:

Articles to strengthen specific keywords – in addition articles are the perfect link bait if you have a worthy product or service, then let people know. Use the article to expound expertise on the subject, but use the author’s box to draw traffic in to your website.

In addition, the words you use in the anchor text (the actual link) are more important than all of the words combined in the article as most Ezines and content distribution / syndication sites are keen about allowing you to link out from the body of the article and know that it you were allowed to, you could upset the very fabric of the SERPs through tactful article submissions alone.

Links higher up on the page have more significance, so they do in exchange for the excellent content allow you to publish one to two links back to your site, but from the author’s box, which is typically located lower on the page.

In any case, these links can add up and at the rate in which content is aggregated you can see an article build momentum and add 15-30 links per day, if you use the right sources.

These natural links (as a result of on topic articles published from on-topic sites) are excellent for showcasing link diversity for your website. If you use content from your blog for example, make sure that the content is indexed prior to commencing with an article form of the post, otherwise, you could bury you site as duplicate content filters from search engines attempt to discern the originator of the content in question.

So, even though this type of marketing is oftentimes overlooked, it has two distinct benefits which simply do not come from other forms of internet marketing.

The first advantage is:

Each of the article sites has particular search engines they rank higher in, some in Google, others in MSN, others rank higher in Yahoo, Altavista, Entire web and so on and so fourth. So gaining entry into search engine algorithms in this fashion already position your website (through the back link) from sites that are already trusted.

The second advantage is:

Search engines have a weakness for great content and articles that are wisely crafted have innate potential to rise and remain in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for weeks or months at a time. This of course is based on how popular the search terms and how competitive the industry is, but oftentimes they will rank alongside or outrank your website only to give way over time and pass the torch to your site as the backlink, title and content are already established as indexed from your site (if the content is republished).

The third advantage is:

The link authority and enhanced position in the SERPs and indexing in a variety of search engines you develop for the keywords in the anchor text. Not to mention instead of having to beg and borrow for links (the old way) you can essentially put the link building on auto pilot and have other’s build links to your website by default as they promote your articles on their websites or blogs.

Thinking outside the box and using the viral nature of great content is one excellent SEO Strategy. Your only responsibility is to (a) write on topic, excellent content and (b) remain consistent in introducing new content.

This is one more fundamentally sane white hat SEO tactic that you can employ to elevate the (link by association) as search engines get wind of the article on various fronts.

The benefits of using articles to promote your website:

Article Marketing provides the benefits of the three golden rules of link building.

1. Select websites with authority or are well established in relationship to the link
2. keep it on topic – which is accomplished through categorization and distribution.
3. Use your main keywords are anchor text – through tactful use of the author’s box.

So there you have it, you couldn’t ask for a better source for link building aside from using SEO target marketing to incorporate other forms of link building in tandem to articles and article marketing, such as blogs, social bookmarking, viral marketing, press releases, directories and privately held sites, that can also pass authority.

Countless websites have used this tactic alone to dominate search engine result pages and would probably like to keep this SEO Strategy under the radar, but as always the times are changing and the exchange of information is inevitable. This can be either dismissed as a grain of salt, or used as an integral part of your advertising and marketing campaign, the choice ultimately is up to you.

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    I appreciate your comment and glad that you could find something useful. I personally feel that article marketing is like the least harnessed way to develop a broad range of links to augment other types of SEO.

    Each type of link has it’s value and diverse I.P addresses (from multiple sites giving you a back link) equals popularity, popularity equals traffic, the perfect perpetual loop.

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