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Just like a magnet, with new content creation and SEO copy writing, the words you use cater to the audience you attract. As you know, all visitors are not created equal, some are window shoppers with an itchy trigger finger to bounce back to the SERPs to find a more suitable interest. Others are analysts with a penchant for great content, while yet another group exists that seeks gratification through the cycle of search and reward (I believe a more appropriate term is e-commerce).

The words you use create the mood, the mood is either a hit or a miss and based on the quality, quantity and positioning you have when it comes to search engines, these three components if tactfully executed can attract tremendous volumes of traffic, sales or create recognition for your efforts.

The Laws of Website Traffic:

a) If you want traffic, use a magnetic, succinct, headline.

b) If you want conversion, use the law of problem, testimonial and solution (interest, trust and utility).

c) If you want to be heard, have something unique to say, or organize the content of others in such a way that you are a resource (top 20 list of useful x,y,z’s the 30 best websites for _____, etc).

d) Have a voice, but don’t go overboard, blogs are great for being heard, but make sure the people are asking for what you proclaim, otherwise your message may fall on deaf ears (research, investigate the top dog & find your niche).

e) If you can’t beat em, join em.

Here is an example – Sometimes, you have to let the natural impulses of human nature work on your behalf. Since people have the what’s in it for me mentality for example, and content is something that not everyone can create, or create well…

If I wanted to make a suggestion to a client to rank for a specific term in their market, I may in fact write an article about that subject that was so compelling (with a ghost name) that their competitors would link to it. Essentially they would promote and endorse it (from their own curiosity or need for content) and in the course of doing so, push the clients global link popularity to a new level. Article marketing is a great tactic for that, as well as link baiting and social media.

The old days of optimization are long gone, you barely need search engines to generate traffic these days with all of the networking opportunities, social media sites (that have tremendous page rank and website authority) that you can post your message on. Now a days, it boils down to a new medium, attention, participation (voting) and traffic. If you are savvy enough to realize this, then the laws of website traffic are simple.

1. Write with purpose.
2. Be brief and informative or distinguished and compelling.
3. Tell a story or incorporate an emotional medium to bridge the gap from your subjective mind, to their objective opinion.
4. Go for the sharp spike like a flash in the pan or the long tail of search with your keywords.
and most of all…
5. Realize that if your message falls on deaf ears, then you need to find out the needs of your audience and be more attentive.

So, ultimately, when it comes to content, what you write is what you get.

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