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SEO copy writing may sound like a techie term, but competent journalists, bloggers and writers alike should not be intimidated. We got this!

4 Easy SEO Copywriting Tips

4 Easy SEO Copywriting Tips

In fact, whenever possible, convince your techie counterparts to relay the information so that you can type it into pretty and, more importantly, understandable words for your readers.

Let’s face it, most of the techie SEO guys can talk circles around us with fancy techie lingo. But when it comes to putting it down on paper, they ain’t got nothing on us.

That being said, if you happen to be part of the rare breed of techi-journalist hybrid mix, then kudos to you because you are in high demand. Stop reading this blog and find a technical journal now.

For the rest of us who, perhaps, blog religiously about more everyday topics, such as the mystical art of underwater basket weaving, you might as well be optimizing your writing for the search engines so that basket weavers and SCUBA enthusiasts alike can find your insightful content (and possible product placement).

Here’s the basics:

  • Don’t be self-centered enough to assume that your writing is the end-all-be-all of that subject. In other words, link keywords to other fantastic sites that feature more awesome content on your subject. Or maybe to the website for the National Association of Aqua Weavers.

Linking is a great way to shake hands with the ‘right people’ and gain authority for your site.

Hopefully, the more you reach out to other sites in your industry, the more they will reciprocate the act. As great as it is to link to other sites, it is even better if authoritative sites link to you. So make some waves and get noticed by your industry colleagues.

Linking to your homepage is also a great idea. You should always give your reader the means to get back to your home page quickly, if need be. No more than two links per article, otherwise you start to look spammy.

  • Make your blog look pretty. For the men reading this blog, think metro sexual. Treat it like a magazine article, but online. This means you should play with your fonts and make them a good size so your readers don’t need to strain their eyes. You can even try color. Um, maybe a darker color. Use bullets or numbers.

Create an enticing headline, or title, that incorporates the main keyword or phrase you want to rank for (i.e. “The Fascinating Basics of Underwater Basket Weaving and More”).

  • Don’t be afraid to stray away from the usual rules of print writing (my journalism professors will kill me, but we need to roll with the times). Reading on the Internet is a totally different experience for your readers, so you need to accommodate accordingly.

For example, have paragraphs.

Lots of paragraphs.

This is a no-no in the dead tree versions, where space is limited. But when space is unlimited, break it up 2-3 sentences per graph.

This is because people are lazy, as newspapers well know, and anything that looks like work won’t fly. But a 2-3 sentence graph looks a lot less daunting to your readers.

  • Customize. A picture is always great for a personal touch and it will give your readers something to look at while they’re coming up for air and digesting your content.

I also recommend using the bold feature. When your reader first glances at your blog, the words may blur together and be intimidating. Put key sentences or phrases in bold, at least one a paragraph. This will break your blog up visually for your reader and make it easier to skim. The point would be for your reader to know what the article is about and your main points just by reading the bolded sentences.

Making your blog post look easy-to-read, pretty and enticing all relates back to the one main goal: getting your readers to actually read your blog. Once they are reading, focus on the second main goal: clicking on your links. Depending on your motivation, this may lead to your third main goal: getting people to buy.

But it all starts with good informational and enticing content. That is the way to your reader’s heart, and wallet. After all, the one person who is the expert in underwater basket weaving would be the same person who sells the water-proof weaving kit and decorative oxygen tanks.

For those who didn’t catch that awful analogy: if you’re selling something, you better be an expert on the product. If you’re an expert, you better be blogging about it. When you blog about it, you’re drawing people to your site.

Good luck and may the lyrical force be with you. 

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  1. Great ideas! I wish I had a laptop when I was that little

  2. SEO Tips says:

    This was a clear and concise explanation of a topic that is pretty hot right now. Thanks for a great article which shines a light on an interesting subject. I’ll be staying tuned for more articles just like this one in the future. Check out our site also SEO Tips we do SEO Optimization

  3. Great tips! We like to do bolded subtitles every two to four paragraphs. You are right- big, chunky paragraphs are a turn-off with online readers. I know it makes us all sound like we have attention deficit, but we really do give sites only about 10 seconds to impress us. Great content, presented in an eye-catching way, is an unbeatable marketing tool. Thanks for the post!

  4. Joi says:

    Great stuff! I love the design of this blog to distraction but I think what I love the most is the typography, the ease of reading, and (certainly) the content.

    Making your posts easier, and more enjoyable to read, is the best advice you can give to bloggers.

    I hate when everything runs together – kind of like a long-winded preacher who never takes a breath. It doesn’t matter how charismatic he is or how wonderful the sermon – if he doesn’t let you catch your breath, you’re going to zone out.

    Not that I ever have, mind you..

    Something else I’ve noticed is this: My favorite bloggers are those who aren’t afraid to let their personalities come through. They’re the ones who let you know there’s a human behind the words.

    That’s usually cool to know. Keep up the great work, this has become a must-read blog for me.

  5. Thanks Joi, your words were taken to heart…

    All the best and glad you enjoy the blog.

  6. jade says:

    headline is the most important aspect which will irritate reader’s excitement.

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