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Searching for effective off the beaten path alternatives to search engine traffic? Why let search engine algorithms or rankings deter you, when you can harness multiple traffic sources to reach the same audience?


Get More Traffic Without Search Engines

Today’s post looks at alternative traffic sources that can deliver more visitors through augmenting websites that are conducive to your audience and the cost of admission is appealing content.

Traffic Sources and Exposure

You can increase sales and conversions through exposure from multiple online traffic sources (not just search engines). Sure, getting thousands of visitors daily from search traffic is nice, but keep in mind, there are two ways to reach any web page (1) through knowing the exact URL address or (2) through links from other websites, emails or advertisements alike.

If getting thousands of visitors daily from SEO were easy, everyone would be doing it, but most companies and individuals do not have the patience required or the budget to structure a massive organic SEO campaign, so instead, they build rankings and revenue over time or resort to exorbitant paid sources as a means to drive visitors to their web properties.

Ebooks, RSS Feeds, Web 2.0 Properties

There are alternatives to search engines and paid traffic sources, such as positioning content or editorial for consumptions via tangential search. In short, when you click a link or an advertisement from another page we consider that tangential (since the visitor’s intention was not to visit your website) when they logged on.

These click tangents can occur from links in articles, web 2.0 properties, an RSS feed, links in ebooks, etc. The point is, somehow, somewhere users found something (while surfing the web) and decided to follow it and investigate how deep the rabbit hole and value proposition goes.

Whether the visitor was enticed from an educational or commercial impulse, the fact is, passive editorial links can drive a steady stream of traffic to your pages.

Although the person sponsoring that ad or individual who placed those links there often did so intentionally (more on that later), either way, when you receive traffic from those sources, that traffic is often more qualified than a cold click from a search, since they have been pre-qualified from the warm-up process.

The Medium or the Message?

People are multifaceted and have layered interests based on subjects or experiences they enjoy. This implies that circumstantially, the medium becomes less important and it is the message that resonates with the reader. Emotion is the catalyst and whether or not it happened on your website, a search engine or another website is irrelevant – so long as the conversion is acquired.

From the standpoint of chronology, the user invested the time to get to the first web page, or the webmaster who was promoting that content from their own website did a great job of syndication (email, feeds, cross-promotion, etc.) and those users were already foraging from their site and decided to move on.

It just so happened that when they did decide (or where enticed by your ad, offer or link) that they followed it to investigate the offer with the “what’s in it for me?” mentality.

Tangential searches are spontaneous and exponential depending on (a) how many people are exposed to other websites through their traffic funnels and (b) how many people are exposed to links or ads to your website.

While some would never dream of using organic traffic and swear by paid traffic and ad networks for exposure and revenue to their landing pages, CPA (cost per acquisition) offers, etc. There is another type of online marketer who knows the value or organic rankings, content and PLR (private label rights) syndication and exposure.

Traffic Source Resources

In closing, we have enclosed a few properties below for developing a steady stream of traffic “other than search engine traffic” to curb your dependency on one traffic source.

As the web evolves and social proof becomes more prevalent as a means to deliver visitors harboring commercial intent, I believe we will see an upsurge in users “passing links along” as referral mechanism for commerce.

The more places you syndicate your content, the more potential that content has to reach more decision makes or searchers / evangelists in need. Good news travels fast and having the endorsement of someone who highly recommends your product or service can generate untold revenue in the long run.

On that note, here are some web properties created solely for the purpose of syndication based on user generated content (meaning you can submit your articles, create landing pages and offers or share your links via social bookmarking) as long as you are tactful enough to create appealing content.

Content Sharing Web 2.0 Sites:

Places to Syndicate Posts:

Places to Syndicate EBooks:

Places to Syndicate RSS Feeds and content:

While hundreds of sites exist in each category, the possibilities are virtually endless if you expand your content development strategy. Keep in mind that these websites (a) have traffic (b) are syndicated themselves (via feeds and search engines and social media) and (c) can drive more relevant traffic to your website. 

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  2. Very good article with lots of nice info! In addition i can recommend forum posting as an additional traffic source. Forums like digitalpoint and V7 has generated lots of traffic and customers for me.

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    It is true. Most of new bloggers like me find big traffic from social media, rss feeds and forum especially when you are one man army.

    Definitely as you go along you can have a spot in google page result but when you’re in the beginning of your blogging career, be wise and be patient.

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  8. There are numerous ways to get traffic. They key is to get the right traffic. Any strategy should have your target audience in mind- what are they doing and where are they on the web?

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