Why Seo Websites Rank Higher

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Ever wondered why Seo Websites Rank Higher? It is no surprise when you think about it. The only difference between Seo Websites and a regular website is usually (a) thoughtful planning and (b) attention to detail such as word density, code, content and links.

Is MSN the New Google?

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Is MSN Live the New Google Hopefully I am not speaking out of turn here, but in all summation MSN Live has dropped a trump card on the world of search engine optimization with their new MSN live search engine. Not only is the interface nothing less than efficient, stylish and relevant. It now in Read More

Yahoo has a New Look!

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I couldn’t help but notice today that Yahoo has a new look. Note how at the bottom of the page instead of the throwback next symbol there is a sleek new MSN-ish, interface. Not to mention they threw in a nice new bold query suggestion box that features a tab just underneath the search box Read More

Microsoft Live Search Strikes Back

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With the sheer number of search engines vying for the upper echelon in the word of search, one thing still reigns supreme besides Google. The fact that Yahoo and MSN have had to up their game to keep the competition at bay and keep the algorithms fine tuned to produce relevant results. With fickle users Read More

Target Marketing, Hit, Miss or Finding the Right Audience

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Hitting your target in marketing takes more than wishful thinking, it takes research, perspective, patience and aptitude. Knowing who your customers are, where to find them how to speak to them and what makes them tick is what distinguishes those who have a successful online marketing campaign and those who aspire to crack the code Read More

Link Building Strategies Using Blogs, Articles, Directories & Contextual Advertising

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Link Building Strategies – The value of link bait | one way permanent links | and SEO link building With all the talk about link building, in my summation there are only a handful of ways to truly build value for your website that won’t get you penalized from search engines. When you think about Read More

Hittail Long Tail Search Engine Monitoring Tool is a Hit for SEO

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If you are currently evaluating a search engine positioning service, then you may wish to consider a firm that utilizes the benefits of long tail search engine optimization. This is the practice of optimizing keyword combinations that are outside of your main or broad search keywords, but have the ability to drive traffic to your Read More

Yahoo Search Displaying Schizophrenic Results

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Is it just me or is Yahoo Search displaying Schizophrenic results? One search for Seo Web Design for example resulted in “We had temporary problems searching for web pages. Search again for seo web design or type a new query above”. Another brought up an entirely unrelated topic, who knows what is next when updates Read More

Massive Link Audit or Quality Control for Search Engines?

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In case you are outside of the bubble of search engine optimization or oblivious to it’s affects, rumour as of late is, there has been a reported link audit occurring throughout various industries throughout the web in regard to Yahoo search results and the number of links being counted as valid links to your site. Read More

Catchy Titles Have Higher Click Through Rates

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Do “Catchy Headlines and Snazzy Titles” that use SEO to rank higher increase conversion? It stands to reason that getting the attention of the reader can make the difference between a thriving online presence or zero traffic for your website. When you think about it, having a well positioned value proposition in your headline (an Read More

Search Engine Rankings and the Flux of Tides, Ripples & Waves.

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The cyclical tide of search engine rankings, positioning & placement Have you ever noticed that search engines like Google have a tidal cycle that ebbs, ripples and subsides? What about how some websites rise from the time they are indexed and stabilize in the top 10 or top 20 results? Or how other websites rise Read More

Local Search Engine Optimization Tips to Improve Organic Rankings

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Ever wondered how to attain higher local search engine rankings? Here are a few SEO tips to strengthen organic search engine placement. Although the competition can be fierce from local businesses (who often resort to keyword stuffing) local search engine optimization is far less convoluted by comparison to national search engine placement.