Cool Google Gadget that Allows You to Watch TV on Your Computer

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I am aware that this is way off topic, but we are human after all and although SEO is all I live breathe and sleep, I thought I would share a cool little snippet of code that I found. While taking a spin around the web this morning I stumbled across (no tens inpunded) a Read More

Internet Marketing & The Rules of Engagement

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Internet marketing is the synthesis of traditional marketing, web 2.0 SEO Technology (social media, networking) and common sense. On one side, you have to think like the user who knows nothing and emulate how you would go about navigating the web to find conclusive results for your queries in a truly unbiased fashion. On the Read More

Does Google Have A.D.D?

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Is it just me, or am I the only one seeing the search engine result pages (SERPs) Yo-Yo effect? The phenomenon is illustrating all kinds of uncharacteristic behavior in Google such as a flip-flop affect in rankings with a sifting effect that scrambles the current rankings with previous snapshots of the web.

Successful Article Marketing Secrets

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Searching for an effective article marketing strategy that you can use to provide ample links from authority websites? Article marketing serves multiple purposes and is an ideal method for strengthening your websites’ search engine visibility. If your tired of performing SEO from a one dimensional perspective, adding article marketing to your internet marketing arsenal is Read More

Why Local Search Marketing is a Must for Small Business

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We all know how effective using the internet can be for finding useful information, researching a product or service, socializing or making purchases. But the topic we will be discussing is why local search engine optimization in important. Google Algorithms Changes and SERP Watching Understanding this, the demand for optimizing your content and your website Read More

SEO Design – Making the Most of Web Page Layout & Keyword Research for Rankings

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Are you aware of how a few changes to your website can improve you SEO and search engine rankings? For example, simply by understanding how spiders crawl your pages and what emphasis they place on particular types of content is imperative for ensuring: (a) that all of the information on your pages is easily accessible Read More

SEO Technology?, Web 2.0?, Seo Web Design? What’s Next?

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What constitutes the birth of one industry is oftentimes the death of another. With all of the internet buzz words flying around these days like Seo Web Design, Web 2.0, Internet Marketing, Seo Technolgy and a host of other mutant forms of traditional advertising and marketing, understanding the underlying premise is important to gauge where Read More

Here Today Gone Tomorrow Directories Pay the Price for Paid Links

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As it appears penalties are being handed out in the SERPs like a bad episode wrestling, except in this case the only script is the one removing directories from the Google index. A few days ago I had a post about the fluctuations in the SERPs hitting an all time twilight zone like frequency, sites Read More

SEO Myths Debunked SEO 2.0 Has Arrived

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Much like the saying goes in the temple of Delphi, “Know Thyself” is a concept that applies equally to SEO. One of the most common misconceptions that are addressed on a daily basis is, “If the keywords are in my meta tags, I should rank for those terms right?” Maybe back in 1994 when all Read More

Search Engine Positioning The Right Way to Climb the Ladder

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Search engine positioning through SEO is imperative for gaining online visibility and website traffic. Call it ego gratification from the individual optimizing the site or simply human nature for individuals, businesses, or blogger’s to aspire to carve their name in the digital totem pole and claim their place as the hands down king or queen Read More

Search Engine Seo Solutions – Seo Myth #1 – Debunked

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SEO web design is a meticulous process that involves understanding the criteria that search engines place emphasis on in the evaluation of web pages. Pages that deliver those criteria in concert with other well known supporting practices are rewarded with significant increases in rankings for the key words that comprise those pages. For example, did Read More