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BK (Burger King) has been crushing it lately with their hilarious commercials, but when it comes to consumers and SEO, this old steakhouse commercial sums up the consumer mindset perfectly…


1.       Most consumers know what they want (often more than you do).

2.       Don’t make them wait (or risk abandonment).

3.       Give them what they want when they arrive (usability and information architecture) to curb user frustration (like the guy in the car above).

What can you learn from this commercial?

It all depends on how you apply it. Personally, I think it summarizes the process of when someone has taken a step (made a decision to purchase) and expects the fulfillment of their actions.

Except online, you have to consider bounce rate (knowing that another website is only one click away) or within a few clicks from the back button and selecting another site from a search engine, advertisement or sponsored call to action.

The last thing you should do is obscure their decision on a landing page by trying to sell them when they are already sold. The real solution is, just give them what they need… quickly!

Put their needs first, benefits sell not features and make sure they know what’s in it for them, if you can facilitate the proper process or neurological impulse to appease how those who are “hungry” for something navigate the web, skim and “just want to eat, fulfill or appease their urge” and apply it to your business model.

You can have consumer after consumer lining up “waiting to sink their teeth into your offer” with a bit of proper positioning (via SEO, SEM or advertising) and showing them the value of doing business with you vs. your competitors to create brand loyalty and long term value. 

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2 thoughts on “What You Can Learn From This Commercial!
  1. Steven says:

    Burger King would hardly be considered a “steakhouse” — but onto the other point: Consumers are sold one of 4 basic needs:

    1. Food
    2. Sex
    3. Sleep
    4. Toilet Needs

    If a website can trump one of these basics — then they have a market.

    Since most websites are pushing fluff.

  2. For me, I will stick with the steakhouse…but great points.

    The Life Force 8 (according to Drew Eric Whitman) author of Cashvertising summarizes as:

    1. Survival.
    2. Enjoyment of Food and Beverages.
    3. Freedom from Fear, Pain.
    4. Sexual Companionship.
    5. Comfortable Living Conditions.
    6. To Be Superior (Think SEO as an industry on this one).
    7. Care and Protection of Loved Ones.
    8. Social Approval.

    All of those are hard wired into the psyche, so if you can wrap a site, niche or conversion objective around them, your already half way there.

    Me, I am too busy laughing at the guy with road rage in the drive through to take the real gist of the subject too serious, but there is definitely something to walk away with on this post.

    Steven, thanks for commenting!

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