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SEO Design Solutions™ the creators of the SEO Ultimate WordPress All-in-one Plugin are proud to announce the release of their first Ebook showcasing 20 SEO tips to optimize your website in search engines.


Download your FREE Ebook Today!

Unlike generic tips and tactics, these are real do-it-yourself insights you can really sink your teeth into covering the vast array of techniques used for SEO. Topics covered are:

  • Content Development – What it Takes to Get Ranked!
  • Anchor Text Optimization – Making the Most of Links!
  • Naming Conventions – How to Structure Pages and Sub Folders!
  • Using Alt Attributes – Images can be Links Too, Optimize Them!
  • Canonicalization and 301 Redirects –  (to create preferred landing
    pages or prevent duplicate content within a website)!

The FREE SEO Ebook is available for download on their website at In addition there is an 18 page bonus Ebook “SEO for Large Websites” which discusses critical strategies and tactics to overcome the growing pains associated with a website as it gains momentum, trust and rankings and how to avoid the pitfalls and errors associated with larger sites.

The company will continue to package and publish various topics ranging from the hundred of insightful and tactical posts available on their SEO Blog for the masses over time. Get your free copy of “20 Must Have SEO Tips” and “SEO for Large Websites” (the bonus Ebook) today – and did we mention it was free?

There is no excuse for letting your competition walk over you in search engines. Empower your passion with knowledge used by SEO professionals to rank in competitive verticals and produce tangible results based on proven SEO strategies.

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Jeffrey has actively been involved in internet marketing since 1995 and brings a wealth of collective experiences and marketing strategies to increase rankings, revenue and reach.

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