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Was MSN's Live Search CSS Broken?It appears that MSN Live Search was performing some routine maintenance and forgot to put up the be back in 15 minutes sign while it went streaking.

I was just minding my own business and conducting a few searches between 7:30-8 PM CST on Thursday Feb 7th, and low and behold all I received was raw in your face all over the fold data when attempting to use MSN Live. Shocking was an understatement.

As it seems, Live’s Bare Boned Search Results were Short Lived at Best:

After 8:12 PM the search results (with style sheet) appeared as normal, but I was wondering if anyone else was performing searches at that time as well to validate this phenomenon?

At first, it appears to be a flaw, but after repeated tests, it simply appears that the style sheet is missing in action.

flashing us no less

Here is another image that web designers may want to skip due to the lack of graphic nature of this image. Shame on them for flashing us like that, for those with STYLE (no tens inpunded) the image below is definitely not for the weak at heart.


Now every time I perform a search for the following terms in MSN Live, I will constantly be reminded of that frightful day when I saw it completely revealed, at least the search results are back to normal (with style sheets) and are decent again for the terms SEO, SEO Consulting Services and SEO Company Whew!.

I would really hate to be one of the team responsible for this one (Oops!). 

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