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SEO Blogs are Great for Business

Without going into what a cookie cutter description of what Search Engine Optimization is, we would rather provide examples of how SEO can place the power to outrank your competition in the palm of your hands. Since the inception of blogs (short for web-logs) a new publishing format that is convenient and effective and easy to use is providing a method for businesses to speak directly to their target audience. Blogs are oftentimes a more informal method for conveying information such as email vs. a traditional business draft and can work wonders from two unique standpoints.

The first being those who read them and act upon them for conversion. Blogs can be constructed in such a way that they are like 3rd party referrals speaking on the businesses behalf.

The second and most beneficial aspect that blogs offer is the ability to augment pages through forward links and strengthen organic search engine optimization. Never before has such a unique form of instant gratification been provided to businesses seeking alternative marketing methods aside from traditional print, radio or television advertising.

Blogging your way to the Top

When utilized properly, blogs have the ability to rise straight to the top of search terms in Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other second tier search engines. By effective employing specific tactics, businesses can produce nearly instantaneous rankings in search engines to rescue pages from the supplemental index, rank for new terms or strengthen existing keywords for their website.

When you combine three things that blogs provide inherently into the mix of typical optimization, providing consistent rankings for your website is merely a by-product.

Blogs provide:

1) Clean W3C compliant code.
2) Fresh Content
3) Backlinks from other blogs or sources

How to write an effective business blog.

a) Use your most prominent keywords in the title (3 word titles are most effective as more words can dilute the effect).
b) Keep the post on topic through the use of bold descriptions when referencing new sections of a shift in the flow of the document. How to write an effective business blog above is an example of using a bold description.
c) referencing the title in the body copy, such as in section b above, you can tactfully repeat the subject you would like to rank for without resorting to spam. This is a great way to start the blog or create an on topic warm up or lead in to the real subject matter.
d) Use the right tags. Using the right tags can augment your blogs position when the indexing occurs from search engine spiders. You can add up to 40 tags for most blogs, but use them at your discretion, since more usually means the less impact they have.
e) make your links count. For a 200 word business blog use one link with a targeted keyword in the anchor text such as business blog services in this instance, make sure the topic in the link text and the content on the page it points to are on topic and both get a boost from search engine algorithms. 

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