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Who says there are no politics in search engine optimization? Just like an election, to gain exposure, your website must essentially campaign for supremacy against millions of other competing pages (candidates) using keywords, links and popularity to be elected into the top 10.
Search Engine Popularity Rocks the Vote, by SEO Design Solutions.

If your message is strong (the theme of your content) and has a worthy cause that provides value to the online community, intrinsically your search engine campaign will yield a higher return as a result of the ground swell of traffic that results.

Just like an election, links and exposure (which are like votes) are required to gain the optimal platform to share your message and broadcast your content.

Rallying keywords on behalf of your website content (as staunch supporters) is only a mere aspect of any keyword management campaign, the other component is the value of information is a subjective measurement guaged by the needs of the individual searching for it. Search engines are transparent in their delivery, yet have the ability to act as the perfect medium as an advertising platform.

The delivery of pre-qualified traffic in unparalleled by any other method for reaching your target audience.

Here are three things your search engine optimization campaign should encompass in order to stand alone in terms of value and delivery.

Appealing Design and Content:

The days of having a one page wonder or a 5 page site are quickly coming to a close. With the advent of bandwidth, people are hungrier for content now than ever before.

If your site can dress to impress and have solid features such as an opt in RSS feed, simple navigation, distinctive headlines and topically related and honed content, this is the underlying reason anyone would want to investigate your content further.

Without visitors, your site is just a non event, so feed your site fresh content regularly to encourage search engine spiders as well as humans to frequent your pages more often.

In the long run when those pages age in 2-4 months, they can rank on their own accord, so even though the immediate value of content may not be prevalent as part of your campaign, it is an investment worth its weight in gold. There is no denying the need for structure, continuity and usability as searchers are more savvy than ever.

By providing visitors with a pleasant user experience, you are setting the stage for a long term relationship and that exposure can become viral over time. Don’t believe us, look at this presidential candidate who has leveraged the power of social media to a whole new level.

Analytics Tracking:

Being able to track your results is imperative which is why if you are initiating a search engine optimization campaign to increase traffic or site popularity, you have to know what aspects are working and which others are not.

With a solid analytics and tracking program, you can accomplish this and use that information to plan your next big move such as which keywords and content to use based on reader response.

Website Authority:

It’s not just about building links anymore, it’s about building trust and authority for your website. Just like an endorsement from a friend, search engines look for indicators from piers in each industry to see if you have enough authority links to elevate your content into VIP status and bypass the bouts of duking it out for anything below the top 10.

Ways to develop authority are (a) to offer a plethora of articles or quality posts regarding information that provides a solution or solves a dilemma (b) acquire links from other authorities in your industry or (c) build links steadily over time until those links age and elevate your content.

Just like a presidential election, search engines are influenced by the votes from the masses, so a popular site will always outrank a site with less traffic as user engagement is a large percentage of the upcoming modifications to search engine algorithms.

So what are you waiting for? Every vote counts and every word on your pages are potential keyword under the right conditions. So, structure your content accordingly, seek the highest endorsement from industry leaders to get a boost in trust from search engines, and above all else, write great content to entertain and encourage your audience to take action as a result of effective SEO campaign management

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