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The answer is simple, two Top 10 search engine result pages (a double listing) on the same page. Have you ever wondered what the key is behind this ranking tactic? It’s no accident, in fact many companies are purposely attempting to garner the strategic advantage in search engines and have discovered that, if you tactfully write your content and develop links distinctly to two similar pages on your website, that something unique occurs, niche domination and multiple top 10 results returned in search engine queries for your website.

In addition to being found for a larger number of keywords, eventually, the home page of the website takes the place of individual pages and strategically gets a lift. For example, if your site has enough top 10 rankings for multiple keywords, at first you may notice more frequent appearances of that page in the SERPs, then after that, two pages that have a high frequency of the keywords appear, side by side (very similar to the buddy system).

The next stage (the omnipresent key phrase technique ) involves the home page getting the credit and being returned in across the board search results from consumers (i.e. long tail or unique search results). Even if the keyword query is returning a search for relevant information that matches content located deep within the site. So, in case you ever wondered how you can conduct a search and see a returned page which is devoid of the search terms in the title, description or on the page, yet “there is” is in the top 10, now you know how it’s done.

One method is through building a wide variety of links to the page with a predominant series of keywords, or this can also be accomplished through internal linking. In a nutshell, a website can gain authority (through frequent use of key phrases) and forge such a distinction to search engine spiders that the specific pages are transcended in relevance by the virtue of the site. Non SEO translation (it shows up twice in search engines on the same page). 

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2 thoughts on “What’s Better than One Top 10 Search Engine Ranking?
  1. Do you know of any tools that capture multiple rank positons of a domain for a given keyword (rather than just its single highest ranked position)?

    For example, I’d like to understand all the positions a keyword, say “consulting”, is in for a website, say “ How many positions out of the top 100 or 200 does it hold?

    @smokejumper (twitter)

  2. Brent, you could (1) enter a search operator command in Google for consulting

    (2)Get the list of pages…
    (3) enter those exact URL’s into SEM Rush and then look at the top ranking positions that page has.

    SEM rush does work on an individual page level as well…

    Hope that helps.

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