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Search engine optimization requires patience to manifest results. Unlike other more immediate forms of marketing and promotion, SEO requires a delicate balance of constant refinement, flexibility and perseverance required in order reap the long term benefits.

Short-Term Gain or Long Term Growth? Which is More Important?

Short-Term Gain or Long Term Growth? Which is More Important?

The following post is a reminder, its not always about the tip of the iceberg or the things you can measure, it is the aggregate layers that all contribute to SEO results which transcend the process as the sum of its parts.

Now, the segue to short term gain or long-term growth, similarly the concept of market share vs. keyword positioning come to mind like sacrificing longevity of presence for temporary gain.

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    White SEO is a slow process, but if you already have a system, then you can rinse and repeat it would be much easier. It’s slowly but sure and safe.


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