SEO is Never One and Done!

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There is a reason why SEO is never one and done as a practical internet marketing strategy. It takes months to develop the right signals over time for competitive markets. Ranking factors for competitive keywords are constantly in a state of flux and thus must be carefully orchestrated in sequence to produce optimal results. SEO Read More

Ignore the Long Tail at Your Own Risk

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We were contacted by a company touting a top level domain from the 90’s, the kind of domain name you can only dream about acquiring for less than $50K-70K in modern times, however, despite their top 3 ranking for a prominent keyword, they still needed SEO. Ironically, they have a mail order e-commerce model that Read More

SEO and Return on Optimization (ROO)

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With all of the rumors floating around the water cooler, misinformation and generic search engine optimization tips that keep anyone seeking the real truth about SEO at arm’s length. What is the gist that so many are missing when it comes to SEO? You’ve Heard of ROI, But What is ROO? Is it the fact Read More

Back to SEO Basics: Optimizing Titles, Descriptions and Tags

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When it comes to SEO, how important are fundamental SEO tips and techniques such as titles, descriptions and tags when it comes to rankings? Titles and tags are very important, in fact, they are one of the most overlooked components to securing or maintaining a competitive search engine position. The tendency to overlook basic SEO Read More

Search Engine Relevance

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The thing about relevance in search engines is, your pages either have it or they don’t. SEO is all about the relationship of variables and relevance acts as the hub of all activity. By the very nature of design search engines cross reference information from sentence to sentence and page to page to gain and Read More

Unique Search – Targeting Semantic Root Phrases and Keywords

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There is a saying we throw around the office, target the root and devour the low hanging fruit. Simply put, low hanging fruit (keywords with high conversion and low competition) are one of the best kept secrets of SEO. There are more keywords under the surface than their are keywords revealed.

Writing SEO Copy and Original Content Creation

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Building a genuine presence online using SEO is a task that involves multiple areas of expertise. One component most often overlooked by clients is the value of unique and original content as a component of search engine optimization. Content can serve as an apex (a crowning achievement) or a pivotal fulcrum to entice humans or Read More

SEO, is it Method, Art or Science?

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Aside from SEO being a collection of mere tactics and techniques, practicing search engine optimization is just as much of an art as it is a science. Finding the appropriate responses to inquiries that pose to create obstruction from a relevant high ranking position is second nature to the intuitive SEO. Mutually, since multiple systems Read More

Landing Pages, They Either Convert or They Don’t!

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If you have a top ranking or are working on developing a presence in search engines, then don’t blow it with a weak offer or lackluster landing pages. Be honest about your website, it either converts or it doesn’t. No amount of PPC or SEO will matter if nobody orders what you sell. Conversion can Read More

(CMS) Content Management Systems, SEO and Link Building

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Here is a brief synopsis of integrating SEO, Link Building and a (CMS) Content Management System for optimal results. After studying the top ranking sites in multiple niches, one thing is resolute regardless of the industry. The introduction of consistent, fresh content. A pliable content management system Intricate naming conventions supported by a logical semantic Read More

Use SEO To Take Control of Your Search Engine Rankings!

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When it comes to search engine rankings, why feel powerless in the wake of search engine fluctuations? In fact, you have more control over your sites search engine positioning than you can imagine. Did anyone ever tell you that you can use SEO from you own site to rank itself? This goes back to the Read More