Simplifying Search Engine Optimization

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Nothing like going back to search engine optimization basics, there are no secrets in SEO, just overlapping processes which yield favorable results when combined or on the contrary hinder other processes from maturing to optimal efficiency. The rule of thumb is, using solid fundamentals such as optimizing your site architecture, writing impeccable content and using Read More

Using Related Search to Find Google’s Most Searched Keywords

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Have you ever hit a dead end when it comes to looking for the most search keywords in Google? For those of use involved in SEO or online marketing, we understand that not all keywords convert. So, finding the most searched keywords for your business is pivotal to popularity or poverty for driving relevant traffic Read More

Managing Web Content With SEO Copy Writing!

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Did you know that achieving high rankings in search engines has more to do with content than on-page or off page factors alone? Contrary to popular belief, one of the most powerful SEO secrets is related to content development and the ability to focus the topical theme of your site to target a specific niche. Read More

SEO Basics to Increase Search Engine Rankings

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Sometimes SEO is all about the basics, particularly in regard to achieving high SEO rankings. Relationships are important, such as the relationship between contextually relevant content and someone who really enjoys reading it. This relationship is the basis of relevance and relevance is the core function of search engines and how they rank documents in Read More

Optimization and the Search Engine Algorithm

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If you came here in search of the Google search engine algorithm, here is a word of advice. Without turning this into a theoretical post based on heuristic conclusions discovered over the course of 10 years of trial an error. Put simply, it relies on content and reputation to determine relevance. If you are still Read More

SEO Basics – Using Allinanchor, Allintitle Allintext

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There’s nothing like witnessing the transformation of a site that starts at the bottom of a niche ranking for a few sparsely related terms then systematically expands their keywords to encompass several thousand traffic-bearing key phrases through embracing SEO. This occurs as a result of balancing the ratios that determine relevance which are (allinanchor, allintitle, Read More