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If you have a top ranking or are working on developing a presence in search engines, then don’t blow it with a weak offer or lackluster landing pages. Be honest about your website, it either converts or it doesn’t. No amount of PPC or SEO will matter if nobody orders what you sell.
Does Your Landing Page Send the Wrong Signals?, by SEO Design Solutions.
Conversion can mean different things under different circumstances, it can imply filling out a contact form for lead generation, clicking a button to open another page (where the real offer begins), requesting more information or finalizing an order. Without the right single-focused call to action and method to measure the results, then how can you truly tell?

When assessing the strength of your campaign and mapping out the preferred action of choice, you have two options, you can either sit back and wonder why your site isn’t converting prospects or you can do something about it and refine your value proposition and remove any potential disruptions from your offer.

Here is a great landing page resource I suggest for your reading list.

A few take aways for landing page creation are:

  • Keep clutter to a minimum, nothing creates higher bounce rates than visually loading up your content to oversell your prospect.
  • Remove navigation unless it is necessary, ideally the only button or links you should have are related to actions you want the user to take.
  • Use relevant titles but be specific and not nebulous, if you are trying to cover too many keywords on the page, then create another page.
  • If you have a page that is ranking in the top 10 on its own merit, then funnel the links from that page to your new landing page to create a double listing or to replace the old page with the new landing page as the most relevant result.
  • Only have one offer per page, the last thing you want is to distract the user or frustrate them before they can assess the objective of your offer.

Above all, don’t be afraid to test new offers, pages or tactics. You may not always get it right the first time. With so many subjective components that comprise user diversity and emotional click triggers for each type of personality, targeting the right traffic with the right keywords to your landing pages is equally as important.

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