Should You Target Competitive Keywords, The Long-Tail or Both?

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Should your SEO strategy (1) tackle the most competitive vertical keywords (2) pluck the low hanging fruit of the long-tail or (3) employ a combination of both? after deciding which strategy suits your sites ultimate objective, the mental model of the target client and amount of time and content required to accomplish the goal, what Read More

SEO Sleuthing and The Importance of Tracking Your Progress

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Sometime you have to go backward in order to move forward. What happens when you hit your keyword ceiling (when you have squeezed the last drop of traffic from your keywords) and the traffic plateaus? Just like an SEO sleuth, you have to dawn your research cap, break out the optimization map and change your Read More

When Push Comes to Shove

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How much traffic and potential revenue are you losing each month to your online competition? It really doesn’t get any more simple than that. All idioms and clichés aside, when friendly competition escalates into an all out hostile takeover for a competitive keyword and push comes to shove in search engines, the winner boils down Read More

Courting Keywords – Targeting the “Most Important Keywords” for your Site.

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Before you leap into a hasty relationship with the wrong keywords, get cozy with your audience and try to place yourself in the mind of your ideal visitor to think how they would think and more importantly to search how they would search. Finding the top keywords for your niche may require many a few Read More

Which Momentums Are You Building for Your Business?

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With Search Engine Optimization, momentum is everything. Which momentums are you establishing that define your business as a whole. Are you consistent in your marketing message? (or is it diffused) If you have a blog, do you post frequently on a schedule? (or just when you feel like it) What about building links (when you Read More

When is Duplicate Content a Good Thing?

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I am sure the headline caught your attention. So often you hear the echoes of “the fear of duplicate content” making it’s rounds throughout the web. My first thought is, to give precedence to what is the main contributing factor that anyone would intentionally or unintentionally invoke a duplicate content filter.

Go from Zero to Hero with Seo Web Design

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The difference between zero and hero online can boil down to if your website is optimized properly for the terms most searched in your industry. With 70 % of the spoils going to the #1 position in the top 10 for any given keyword, stating that “rank matters” is truly an understatement. With the competition Read More

Search Engine Optimization

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Out with the Old and In with the New! I know many of us can be stubborn when considering jumping on the band wagon to any new fad, trend or trumped up service. Although discretion may on the conservative side of valor, holding out until the unfeasible occurs (nothing) is not necessarily mandatory either. As Read More

SEO Consultant

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Have you ever wondered about the role of an SEO Consultant and what value they truly offer to your business? If so, here is a glimpse of what is involved behind the scenes. The process of SEO Consulting involves a thorough analysis of the components that comprise your website. A veritable checklist starting from the Read More