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Search engine visibility is the summit of SEO, there is no substitute for a relevant result when a searcher is in need. It is no secret that being in the right position at the right time translates into pure lead generation and conversion for your business.
Search Engine Supremacy, Where Your Rank Defines You!, by SEO Design Solutions.
Call it impulse, convenience or what ever you choose, but, ranking above the fold (in the top 5) of a phrase represents 62% of the click through rates for any given search. Call it convenience, the natural assessment of trust a prospect has when considering that the top 5 results are the most searched. Battles are fought and one every day for supremacy in the SERPs.

Where you rank defines your company. You have heard the saying, “Out of sight out of mind”, there has never been a more accurate statement as it pertains to search engine positioning. They say the victor claims the spoils, well in this case, those who rank at the helm of a popular keyword or collection of words (key phrases) have a higher propensity of attracting a higher click through rate from search engine queries.

Potential without expression is still zero, it is all about engaging the market, engaging the awareness of the niche and creating rankings from the vacuum which leaves nothing to chance. If your site structure, relevance and commitment is to provide a useful resource about a subject, then your pages will have greater appeal to search engines.

Today we are going to keep it short and sweet and provide links to some posts from the past worth reading in case you missed them the first time around.

Let’s start with:

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