How to Implement Local Search and GEO Targeting

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Have you ever wanted to get more traffic through local search? Search and market share can be measured based on the needs of the business and the scope of the consumers that are relevant to your business model. Are you overlooking local search? How to Implement GEO-Targeting and Local Search Implementing local search and GEO Read More

How to Turn Off Personalized Search

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Personalized search has always been a sticking point for SEO, considering that everyone sees slightly differing search results after they first visit a website. The New Revised Google 3 Column Design Despite the mixed emotions from the new Google web page design shifting from a minimalist layout to a usability-based three column link and function-rich Read More

Consolidating On Page SEO with Content, Navigation and Links

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The first and most powerful source for SEO and rankings is your own website. Consolidating Navigation, 301 Redirects, Content and Link Flow A website deploying topical content, tiered site structure (keeping hops to 3 or less for critical pages) as well as using a definitive navigation schema to maximize internal islands of content is a Read More

How To Avoid Google’s Supplemental Index

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When pages go supplemental (into a secondary index in search engines) all the search engine ranking factors associated with the on page elements are nullified. How to Avoid Google's Supplemental Index Using SEO to prevent your pages from going into the supplemental index requires that each page has something significant enough to distinguish itself in Read More

How to Improve your Pages SEO Score

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What if you have a page in your website and for whatever reason it is completely ignored by search engines? What actionable intelligence can you use to employ as a strategy or which SEO technique can you implement to put that page on the map? The following tactic is capable of correcting (1) orphaned pages Read More

SEO and Long Tail Optimization

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Google currently occupies 72% of the market share for all searches conducted in the US, making it prime real estate for over 60 Million users each day. Despite your industry, attaining a lofty position for multiple keywords through the use of SEO or SEM, represent vast economic and strategic advantage. Even though you may have Read More

Using LSI Based Synonyms for On Page Semantic Relevance

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What does it take to produce a top 10 ranking? The answer is simple with SEO, just eliminate 990 other pages for the square root of relevance extracted from Pair, Sort-Based Computation and probabilistic methods for extracting relevance. Proximity is important, hence, a keyword followed by augmenting the description with relevant synonymous keywords are strong Read More

SEO Tips for Developing Authority Websites

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There are some things that work well in tandem withSEO then there are other that just scratch the surface when it comes to tactful effectiveness. Developing an authority website requires timing, employing multiple layers of strategies over time and patience to cultivate the proper results. However, without the knowledge or experience of knowing when, why Read More