Keyword Exercises for SEO

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Don’t be fooled by people trying to tell you that tracking SEO metrics based on keywords and keyword performance is obsolete. Keywords and the traffic they produce are alive and well and depending on the position (above the fold or below the fold) and the percentage of traffic they receive is tangible to assess conversion Read More

You Reap What You Sow with Organic SEO

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Since you never know which keywords will gain traction first (at which rate, how often they will spike or fluctuate based on factors like supply / demand, seasonal trends or alternate broad match variations) you need to separate keywords that perform from keywords that do not. It is important to look at patterns as they Read More

How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for Gap Analysis

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Just in case you are looking for SEO Tips using the newly unleashed Google AdWords Keyword Tool, now you can take the guesswork out of SEO once and for all to assess competitive keyword benchmarks. By using two free SEO tools, you can perform “gap analysis” and immediately determine where you rank now and create Read More

Use Holistic SEO to Capitalize on “The Way People Search”

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Embracing a market holistically means you are approaching it as a totality in itself. You see beyond the appendages attached and see each synergistic relationship for what it is, an opportunity to embrace the whole. So what happens when you conquer a competitive keyword you have been after for months? It depends, sometimes a floodgate Read More

Planting Seeds for Future Harvest, Tilling Keywords from the Past

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The importance of evaluating the effects of SEO over time using analytics is imperative for your optimization efforts. For example, it is a well known fact that the modifier “How To” is a great hook. Both for the reader and for search engines. This was inspired by a post I wrote approximately 9 months ago Read More

How to Increase Relevance using Consistent Naming Conventions

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If you ever wondered how to optimize your on page factors to create relevance for your content, this tutorial highlights a few SEO techniques for using consistent naming conventions, tags, site architecture and links to enhance continuity. 1) Start with a flat site architecture using the root folder and build your main pages as the Read More

“Authority Site Building” and Leveraging Website Authority

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Website Authority – What is it and How to Create it? With all of the talk about creating “authority websites” and “authority site building”, we decided to discuss what it means, how to accomplish it, and how search engines treat your content once you do acquire such authority. What is Website Authority? Website authority is Read More

How to Increase Your Website Link Popularity

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Have you ever wondered how to increase your websites’ ranking and link popularity? If you want to appear in the lime light and attract a steady stream of unique visitors while having a website appealing enough to attract new visitors, you have to be savvy enough to market yourself, your product or your business with Read More

How to Start a Search Engine Optimization & Development Campaign

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Have you ever wondered where to start when it comes to optimizing a website. With so many ways to skin the cat proverbially, virtually every SEO will have their own methods. But the gist still remains the same. Selection of the most appropriate programming platform, strong on page factors, developing links and website authority and Read More

How to Search the Internet

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Elementary as it may seem, with so many options and search engines available, do you really think it is necessary to learn how to search the internet?. Finding information quickly and efficiently is the key to a rewarding online experience. So why deal with the clutter, when you can get right to the results you Read More