How Many Links Does It Take to Get In The Top 10?

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When dealing with numerous inquiries about search engine optimization on a daily basis. You hear some questions so often, you just have to write about them to serve as a resource guide. Surprisingly, the propensity for prospects to view organic SEO like a vending machine, where you simply put your money in and the keywords Read More

The Best SEO Strategies Mature Over Time.

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Just as Rome was not built in a day, the best SEO strategies take time to mature. SEO is not always about the optimization of “tip of the iceberg results”, refinements to site structure or tweaks to the content. A true search engine optimization strategy requires analysis beyond the narrow chronology of (short term) events Read More

Are You Getting the Most from Your Online Marketing Efforts?

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When it comes to superior lead acquisition and retention programs, are you just skimming the surface (idly content with the tip of the iceberg) or are you delving into parts unknown to assess new and exciting complementary marketing channels? Opportunity is measured by your ability to grasp and act on useful and pertinent information. However, Read More

What You Can Learn from Your Competition!

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They say, “that which does not kill you makes you stronger”, viewing your competition or business adversary in this light offers a true competitive advantage. The last thing any business wants to admit, is what they can learn from their competition, however… Your competition can teach you: How to be resourceful How to excel in Read More

Is Content, Timing and Links the Secret Sauce for SEO?

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It is no secret that great content, introduced at the right time (sooner rather than later) and supported by links with authority create consistent visibility in the top-ranking search results. Regardless if the desire to rank for a series of keywords using SEO comes from (a) an impulse (b) knowledge of the market (c) common Read More

Exact Match is Nice, but with Key Phrases Think Unique!

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Since no two people think or search alike it pays to think unique. For those unfamiliar with the terms “exact match” or “unique” in contention to search engines, one (exact match) is like a laser beam, precise and concentrated, while the other (unique) is like a flash light, nebulous and all encompassing. In a nutshell, Read More

Internet Marketing: Conversion is More About the Message Than The Medium

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Definitions exist for the sake of creating continuity among the collective. You hear the term conversion being thrown around like a rag doll in internet marketing, but what does conversion truly entail. Aside from breaking it down to the point when a consumer clicks the buy now or purchase now button during checkout, things are Read More

“User Engagement” – The Only Metric that Matters!

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As a result of the information age reaching unprecedented levels of exchange, creating a comfortable user experience is worth more exponentially in contrast to the means used to initially develop the traffic. With so many options and users suffering from information overload, user engagement is the cornerstone of developing a successful online brand. What value Read More

Organic SEO and Low Hanging Fruit or PPC, Which is Better?

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Just like planting seeds Organic SEO as an internet marketing strategy requires patience, but the rewards when reaped are plentiful. Although organic optimization is not the first choice for many (depending on the brand and business model) organic search does have inherent benefits that are unparalleled by sponsored or paid advertising tactics.

Internet Branding – Brand Imaging & Brand Identity

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Small businesses are challenged by formidable decisions and foreboding circumstances which on one hand harbor perilous outcomes or on the other, equally promising reward. Internet branding if not harnessed properly, is also one of such quandaries. Are you seeking higher conversions from your advertising and marketing efforts? Try building SEO value intrinsically by developing a Read More

Piecing Together the Internet Marketing Puzzle

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Just like a piece of a puzzle, putting your site over the top and achieving optimal search engine visibility boils down to finding the missing link (between your on-page and off-page SEO). Without it, your internet marketing efforts can remain on the brink of success to no avail, with it, exposure and opportunity can bring Read More