How to Use “Action Words” to Increase Traffic & Reader Response.

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Finding the right “action words” can instantly add verve to your writing style, as well as score you extra points with search engines. With all of the possible keyword variations that a consumer might use when performing a search, your writing style should essentially cover the bases through using as many potential key phrases as Read More

How to Extend your Keyword Empire in 3 Simple Steps!

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In the quest for optimizing a series of holistic keywords for your niche, two essential ingredients are (1) creating appealing content (for search engines and humans) while (2) overcoming countless bouts with competitors that are constantly vying for your position. Aside from vision and resolve, you will need a plan that is search engine savvy Read More

Strategic Keyword and Link Building Strategies for Internet Marketing

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If you ever wondered how to measure SEO results for link building, here is one of many tactics that provides insight to how rankings are acquired as a result of a keyword acquisition & keyword sniping. Relevance is the basis of rankings, you either have it or you don’t. Relevance is determined by the type Read More