Website Authority: Short Term Gain or Long Term Growth?

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Is your online marketing strategy based on long-term growth or is your website merely ranking on vapors? Developing true website authority supersedes short-term quick fixes and processes and since SEO is all about layering and infusing multiple steps to produce a specific outcome. Having a firm objective and not sacrificing quality for short-term gain (such Read More

Targeting Traffic with Deep Links and Internal Linking

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Competitive market intelligence (the availability or lack thereof) is where 90% of the battle for search engine positioning is won or lost in search engines. SEO is about opportunity and hard work, but without the right information, your website will only reach a fraction of its potential. Like most websites that rely too heavily on Read More

Engagement and Conversion Using Marketing Incentives

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So you’ve heard it several times before…what good is SEO and website traffic if it doesn’t convert. No matter what your conversion objective is (request free quote, buy a product, provide customer information, etc), if a site visitor is not engaged, they will not convert. Using Incentives to Procure Conversion for Marketing Although this may Read More

Internet Marketing Strategies to Research Your Competitors

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When it comes to assessing your competition, knowing where to look, why to look and what to look for matters when initiating an SEO or Internet Marketing campaign. Marketing and competitive research can save you weeks and months of trial an error if implemented properly. Using the right internet marketing strategies to research your competitors Read More

What to Do When Keywords Plateau in the SERPs

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Have you ever wondered why certain keywords rise faster than others? or what to do when Keywords plateau in the search engine result pages? After performing SEO on thousands of websites over the years, you are able to discern distinct patterns that all affect why a keyword ranks and where. For example if a website Read More

How Persuasive is Your Marketing?

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We know that SEO can deliver traffic, but we know from experience that traffic alone is not enough. Skeptical consumers require more from your websites’ proposition to relinquish their reservations. This requires persuasion and persuasion marketing. SEO, relevant and persuasive copy as well as usability all need to work harmoniously in order to shatter prior Read More

Which is Best? SEO, PPC, Branding, Lead Generation or Advertising

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All things have their place and supplementing one in place of the other when is comes to SEO, SEM / PPC, advertising, branding or lead generation is not always the best idea. So when it comes to online marketing and implementation, which is the best for you and why? To answer this, finding out where Read More

Does Your SEO Have a Game Plan?

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Just like sports, with SEO having a solid game plan is integral for achieving your objective. Unless occupying space below the fold or landing on the third or fourth page of search engines is your goal, then you will need a game plan to unify all of the facets of your internet marketing campaign to Read More

Are You Overselling or Underselling Your Offer?

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Between emotional triggers, a great design and a compelling call to action, using SEO to reach consumers who have the most to gain from your products, services or offer is the objective. Are You Overselling Yourself or Your Business? Implementing SEO as a fundamental business strategy demands that when assessing the range of your offer, Read More

Considerations for Online Marketing, Advertising and Promotion

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On a fundamental level, marketing and promoting products or services online is no different than traditional off-line PR and promotion. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or service, you need to advertise to get the word out and create a buzz about your product or service to quickly communicate benefits in order Read More

Online Marketing: The Intersection of Search Engine Optimization and Branding

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The intersection of search engine optimization (SEO) and branding are inevitable. Both SEO and branding are ideal candidates for each other and rely heavily on user engagement to measure their expanse and reach. Each (branding and SEO) are important to your core marketing strategy and the more you have of each, the more continuity and Read More