18 thoughts on “The Advantages of Online Marketing!
  1. Andrew says:

    Depends on the product you are selling I guess, some are just better to market online.

  2. Have to agree Andrew, not everything boils down to search engines. Traditional markets however are now adapting to include SEO and search engine marketing as a new method to reach a target audience.

    Guess we will have to wait to see just how things develop.

  3. I’m still seeing a lot of business owners who just don’t seem to “get it”. They see the Internet as some kind of gimmick that doesn’t work for them. Those who stick with that kind of thinking are doomed to go the way of the buggy whip.

  4. Maegan says:

    Using online marketing is no longer new to some businessmen. In addition,it had brought many benefits for both consumers and marketers. For the consumers, using through the use of internet they can shop 24 hours a day from anywhere. They can also interact from sellers’ site about the information of the products offered. Though social media is effective, we cannot disregard the fact that traditional marketing like, telemarketing, is still effective.

  5. Patrick Diaz says:

    I think that one of the hidden gems in this article is the advice to write and post a “timely” article. If you can basically “catch the wave” of media attention on a topic, and offer new insight into what’s being discussed, the results can do wonders for your link building campaign. – Boston Online Marketing

  6. Well, It is really depends on the consumers on where they want to get their products, Online Marketing is making its way now and lets just see and test whats the best for us…

  7. Yes, online marketing do much for those who have good and sound observations over the web movements.

    Exact analysis and reporting makes a beneficial output or results for businesses.


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