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For those of you who didn’t catch the buzz, Google is rolling out another revolutionary contribution to search called “Google Instant”. To summarize, just think real-time search results that refresh as you type – “without you having to click search”.


Google Instant Meets Google Caffeine!

This new upgrade allows you to shave seconds off your search time by rearranging the SERPs (search engine result pages) live as you are simultaneously offered suggestions on alternative keyword or key phrase variations.

While the SEO implications have not been assessed, the ability to see what results “above the fold” beckon you to click “using this live real-time preview” allow you to ideally find what you need faster and more efficiently.

While the vast implications of how this will impact search behavior are yet unknown, what is certain is that the ceaseless desire to improve upon search platforms is a constant as many Google users have survived frictional shifts as a result of transitions such as Google’s logo modifications, changes to their favicon, usability modifications (with the recent 2 column sidebar shift) and others modification are becoming commonplace to users.

While we attempted to preview this feature, we had to be logged in to Google (analytics, Gmail, etc.) in order to see the “live” results shifting about.

While this may be an added benefit to many, the general consensus around the web thus far suggests that the “live shifting” of search results may be a bit too frantic for some and invoke the same reaction as blinking banners and other annoying on site elements.

I personally enjoy the action-packed SERPs and if you know what you’re looking for, you may have to take A.D.D medication to stay focused. Let’s just hope it becomes an optional feature for those who like their results static or stale.

Combined with Google caffeine, this is a one-two punch that will definitely keep the masses reeling until the novelty factor wears off. 

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