Website Optimization Tips for Link Building and SEO

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Since link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO, let’s take a minute to revisit some very important link building and website optimization tactics. Trust, timing and authority are three metrics that impact the target site for building links. Sites that rank at the helm of search engines (above the fold on Read More

Other Ways to “Build Links” for Your Website

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Link building is a time consuming and creative endeavor. In the long run, some links pass value more than others, which is why diversity is the key to creating a stable and trustworthy link profile for your website. First, a brief synopsis of the more common types of links and link building that one typically Read More

Search Engines and Link Reputation: What’s Yours?

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Since links are the fabric of the web and they allow us to move from page to page and site to site, they also play a crucial role in deciphering the context of your site when analyzed from outside sources (particularly from search engines). Call it osmosis, link transference or what you like, the fact Read More

Link Building Posts from the Past

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Link building is a crucial part of SEO. Without external or inbound links otherwise known as off-page optimization, your pages will be challenged to reach the proper launch velocity. The proper balance of off-page and on-page optimization (refinements to content, titles, site architecture, code and internal linking) create the necessary components for relevance and acquiring Read More

If You Want Quality Traffic, Create Quality Content!

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I just wanted to touch lightly on the value of content development and building links. The quandary about SEO and link building can be summarized in one sentence. Links equal more opportunities for traffic, traffic equals more opportunity for links. Just like many ancient relics that grace us to this day, quality can stand the Read More

Stop, Think – Before You Build Another Link

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Search engine optimization encompasses link building as one of the cornerstones of off-page optimization. Off-page optimization deals with the number of inbound links a site receives from other websites and how they reference and link to the target site. Before you look outside of your own site for links, harvesting the “link equity” and internal Read More

SEO, Linking and The Company You Keep!

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Who you link to matters! A great deal can be said about your site by observing the company you keep. Linking by affinity can augment or impede search engine positioning. Although search engines are essentially transparent in their functions, your site however is not. In addition to who links to you, were you aware that Read More

Newton’s Law and Building Link Momentum

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What do Newton’s Law of Physics and link building and SEO have in common? Perhaps more than one might think. For those of us in the SEO profession, sometimes getting the point across to clients about the importance of relevance and link velocity (the rate in which you acquire or lose links) is like trying Read More

Developing Topical Link Weight using Internal and External Links

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Understanding link weight, topical relevance and the power of optimizing internal and external links is a crucial component of SEO. Assessing how and why a site occupies multiple top 10 positions is not difficult to determine, if you know how and where to look. In fact, you can essentially assess how and why a site Read More

Building Link Popularity for Your Website One Link At a Time!

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Link Popularity and how it pertains to your pages is a key metric in the relevance model of search engines. Just like high school, it was all about popularity and getting in with the clique. Somehow this characteristic carried over into search engines and how they assess your site. They say that beauty resides within, Read More

Are You an SEO Link Opportunist?

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Link opportunities are abundant if you know where to look. Sometimes there is value in linking outside the box as your site is only as strong as its weakest link. Each link has value, for example a PR0 link from a page already present in the Google backlink algorithm using the link:command has far greater Read More

Deep Links and The Power of Anchor Text!

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Deep links (links from one page to another in your site or links from other sites to pages other than your homepage) are an important strategy in SEO. Ratios such as the number of deep links to non optimized links are a fundamental mathematical equation that determines the percentage of inbound links from other sites Read More