Should You Build Links for Competitive Terms or the Long Tail?

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Should you build links for competitive vertical search terms or focus on less competitive keywords? Heads or tails? Sounds simple enough right? When it comes to link building, it just depends on your approach. Some say start with the top tier terms in the titles and tags and other argue to start at the long-tail Read More

Link Building – Achieving Stable Rankings through Link Velocity

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If you are involved in SEO, then you know that aside from content, it’s all about the links. Without SEO link building services to hit a wide array of websites, it’s almost as if nobody knows you exist. Acquire the wrong kind of links and they can actually hurt your rankings, acquire with the right Read More

Link Hunting & Guerrilla SEO Marketing – How to use your Competitors to your Advantage

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No competitor in their right mind is going to throw you a bone that can bolster your SEO to beat them, but if your savvy enough to point and click with purpose, they won’t have to. How can you benefit from what your competition does to stay visible online? Use their own trail of strategic Read More

Link Building using Web 2.0 SEO | Social Bookmarking

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As the search for the latest and greatest link building strategies make their rounds in search engines. Link building using Web 2.0 SEO and Social Bookmarking Sites can be just what the doctor ordered. Just as multiple marketing channels are available for promoting web sites, assessing your own pages strengths or weaknesses can provide you Read More

SEO Link Building Tips

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The importance of SEO and off page optimization is paramount for achieving long term search engine visibility. Now more than ever, it’s not just about what’s on your pages, factors such as who links to you, where you link to, and how many websites with authority you are affiliated with (i.e endorsed with link juice), Read More

Link Building – Internal Link Architecture & Building External Links

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A well known fact in SEO is your site is only strong as the links that reference it. If you practice solid link building tactics and do things like limit the number of outbound links to 10 links per page to avoid hemorrhaging page rank, linking out to websites that can build your link by Read More

If You Like it, Link it!

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In the race for the top 10 search results and website positioning, off-page link building is one of the key ingredients responsible for putting companies on the map. You have to consider, if you want to rank for a term in search engines, getting your foot in the door is the first step. Each time Read More

Vary Your Backlinks or You Might Get Bumped!

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Survival In the SERPs So what happens when you want a keyword that perfectly summarizes your brand, and one of your competitors wants it more? the simple fact that “someone gets bumped!” It’s just the nature of the top 10. Vying for the pole position is the motivation, but unfortunately there’s only so much room Read More

Link Building Strategies Using Blogs, Articles, Directories & Contextual Advertising

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Link Building Strategies – The value of link bait | one way permanent links | and SEO link building With all the talk about link building, in my summation there are only a handful of ways to truly build value for your website that won’t get you penalized from search engines. When you think about Read More

Deep Linking Internet Marketing Strategy

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Just wanted to make a quick post with a nice way to supercharge your internal pages using SEO. This optimization tactic that is sure to score points with the (DIY) do-it-yourself SEO guys & gals out there. This internet marketing strategy involves deep linking, the theory of the sealed jar in relationship to your pages Read More