Deep Links and SEO Link Diversity

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Aside from creating new content based on competitive keyword research or optimizing existing web pages, one of the most integral facets of SEO is deep linking. Deep linking involves building a plethora of related links to a page to specify to search engines that THIS PAGE is worthy and relevant for advancement in the index Read More

Optimizing Titles, Anchor Text and Links

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For those unfamiliar with SEO, the title tag is a primary method to communicate and convey the subject and topic of your page. In addition to the title appearing in the SERPs (search engine result pages) as the call to action, it also serves as the title for the snippet (which is typically 255 characters Read More

SEO, Link Clusters, Age and IP Diversity

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Just like getting in on the ground floor of any opportunity makes perfect sense, when it comes to link building and SEO, things are no different. In fact, there is nothing like aged links from relevant sources to separate your website from the hordes of competitors who are vying for the same SERP (search engine Read More

How SEO Really Works!

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SEO involves a combination of on page and off page factors which produce a distinct effect (a higher ranking for specific exact match and broad match shingles). Therefore, instead of topically breezing over them in vague reference, let’s dig deeper into how search engines work and how you can craft your content, topical theme and Read More

SEO and Deep Linking

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Most pages in your site are limited to being placeholders due to lack of external link weight. After your internal links are SEO friendly, it’s time to shift the focus to the quality and quantity of deep links / link per page. Why is it that the home page is typically the strongest page in Read More

5 Frequently Used / Abused SEO Link Building Techniques

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Search engine optimization (SEO) embraces multiple facets to produce viable shifts in rankings for specific keywords for the website in question. One of those facets is link building (a metric that uses link popularity and the authority of the referral to dictate a pecking order). We all know SEO and positioning are important, but what Read More

Understanding Link Prominence, Volume, Velocity, Flow and Distribution

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Link building is a crucial component to SEO. Each link on a page tell search engines a little more about the context and purpose of your website. Given the nature that links exist as a method for an individuals (or search engine spiders) to grasp more information on a topic as a reference. You’ll want Read More

Targeting Traffic with Deep Links and Internal Linking

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Competitive market intelligence (the availability or lack thereof) is where 90% of the battle for search engine positioning is won or lost in search engines. SEO is about opportunity and hard work, but without the right information, your website will only reach a fraction of its potential. Like most websites that rely too heavily on Read More

Link Quality Matters

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With the various seasons of change that apply to SEO and link building, one thing is certain, some SEO methods and techniques will continue to work, and others, simply will not. In the constant battle to regulate quality control, Google, Yahoo and other search engines have raised the bar pertaining to standards when gauging the Read More

What is the Real Value of a Link?

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When it comes to SEO & link building, there are so many factors to equate that it’s difficult to communicate with clients the direct impact of how a link will be measured after indexing. Links come in many shapes and sizes, internal, one way, reciprocal, editorial or contextual, etc. Not that we are laying claim Read More

My Links are Bigger than Your Links

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With all of the controversy about link building (to link or not to link), backlink mining, and link metrics, determining whose links are bigger than the others resounds throughout the web much like our schoolyard days, when you would hear kid’s touting “oh yeah, well my dad is stronger than your dad or my brother Read More

Why Just Build a Link When You Can Build Deep Links?

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For those unfamiliar with deep links and deep linking, from the standpoint of link building the inbound links (links from other sites) are considered deep links when the anchor text (the text in the link) are directed at a page other than your homepage. Sites with a high ratio of deep links have a tendency Read More